Đề Xuất 11/2022 # Tổng Hợp 318 Câu Danh Ngôn Tiếng Anh (Finance Quotes) Hay Nhất Và Ý Nghĩa Nhất (Phần 2) / 2023 # Top 12 Like | Altimofoundation.com

Đề Xuất 11/2022 # Tổng Hợp 318 Câu Danh Ngôn Tiếng Anh (Finance Quotes) Hay Nhất Và Ý Nghĩa Nhất (Phần 2) / 2023 # Top 12 Like

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201/ Money was never a big motivation for me, except as a way to keep score. The real excitement is playing the game. _ Donald Trump

202/ Any informed borrower is simply less vulnerable to fraud and abuse. _ Alan Greenspan

203/ As long as we, in the United States, continue to insist that our politicians have to spend all of their time raising millions of dollars for television ads, it will be corrupt. If we leave it up to the politicians to clean up lobbying and finance reform, nothing is going to change. _ Kevin Spacey

204/ The first rule of personal finance is that it's not personal and it's not financial. It's about your ability to make ten changes and not get too depressed over it. _ James Altucher

205/ I turn up in Los Angeles every now and then, so I can get some big money films in order to finance my smaller money films. _ John Hurt

206/ I can remember when I first went into the Himalayan area way back in 1951. Money, for instance, was not important at all to the local people. But now, finance has become just as important to them as it is to us, and this is a change maybe not for the better. _ Edmund Hillary

207/ Businesses in my constituency want help to address the skills mismatch at local level which leaves employers with staff shortages and young people without jobs. They want access to reliable sources of finance, including a network of local banks. _ Jo Cox

208/ The problem of how we finance the welfare state should not obscure a separate issue: if each person thinks he has an inalienable right to welfare, no matter what happens to the world, that's not equity, it's just creating a society where you can't ask anything of people. _ Jacques Delors

209/ In fact, corporate and union moneys go overwhelmingly to incumbents, so limiting that money, as Congress did in the campaign finance law, may be the single most self – denying thing that Congress has ever done. _ Elena Kagan

210/ I really love New York, and I've lived here for a long time. I know not just the different neighborhoods but the different kind of class cultures in New York from the up – and – coming, down – and – out kind of artist to the powerful worlds of finance. _ Neil Burger

211/ The propensity to truck, barter and exchange one thing for another is common to all men, and to be found in no other race of animals. _ Adam Smith

212/ The economy is a very sensitive organism. _ Hjalmar Schacht

213/ The only way you will ever permanently take control of your financial life is to dig deep and fix the root problem. _ Suze Orman

214/ I am particularly pleased to see that the Bendheim Center for Finance is thriving. _ Ben Bernanke

215/ As a trusted institution with brick – and – mortar facilities in every corner of the United States, our public Postal Service is uniquely positioned to serve as a communications, finance, and service hub for the 21st century. _ Marcia Fudge

216/ Automating some of your finances can be incredibly convenient and is a great way to save time, but automating everything makes it too easy to go on autopilot and forget to pay attention to your personal finances. _ Alexa Von Tobel

217/ Let's not overlook, though, what we do know about the campaign finance scandal, and the fact the Chinese were involved in our presidential campaign and our congressional campaigns. _ Fred Thompson

218/ I went to college at QUT: Queensland University of Technology. I studied for a Bachelors in finance and acting. _ Brenton Thwaites

219/ I've been writing a lot, I've a few projects I'm trying to finance, I do some acting, I do some directing… Apart from that, if I could get lower that a ten handicap on my golf game I'd be thrilled. _ Paul Michael Glaser

220/ My mother inspired me to treat others as I would want to be treated regardless of age, race or financial status. _ Tommy Hilfiger

221/ Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship. _ Benjamin Franklin

222/ The financial markets generally are unpredictable. So that one has to have different scenarios… The idea that you can actually predict what's going to happen contradicts my way of looking at the market. _ George Soros

223/ I gladly, I voluntarily gave up the kind of commercial film career I had going as soon as I had enough money to finance my own films. _ Francis Ford Coppola

224/ We've taken the view that if the rest of the world would democratize and create market economies, that would spread the benefits of prosperity around the world, and that it would enhance our own prosperity, and our own stability and security, as well. _ Jeffrey Sachs

225/ Like many other banks and finance companies, Green Tree used a process called securitization to resell its home loans to outside investors. Green Tree grouped thousands of these small loans into a pool worth hundreds of millions of dollars. _ Alex Berenson

226/ Without industry, finance and government consciously and collaboratively ensuring that capital flows to where it is needed in order to ensure the scaling up of climate change solutions, whatever deal is agreed risks never being realised. _ Noreena Hertz

227/ As much as you need to know your operations, if you don't understand the finance side and how to do the business, you're never going to be successful. So you might be the best operator or visionary, but if you don't understand the finance side… I'm successful because I know the finance side, but I also know operations; it's not an accident. _ Tilman J. Fertitta

228/ We came from a family where we ran our own small business. Our dad made his own products. We made our own sausages, our own meatloafs, our own pickles. Dad had to do everything himself. He had to figure out how to finance his business. _ Marcy Kaptur

229/ Everyone knows in the industry that when these great roles come up, every two years, there's a huge number of people up for them. I'm not one of those top five females that can personally finance any film. _ Joely Richardson

230/ I think there's a number of pillars to success. One is you've got to have a great idea. The other is you've got to have a constituency, you've got to have finance, and you've got to be able to raise awareness. _ Jeremy Gilley

231/ Our incomes are like our shoes; if too small, they gall and pinch us; but if too large, they cause us to stumble and to trip. _ John Locke

232/ As a novelist, I tell stories and people give me money. Then financial planners tell me stories and I give them money. _ Martin Cruz Smith

233/ Finance is a gun. Politics is knowing when to pull the trigger. _ Mario Puzo

234/ Many progressives understand Scalia, and other conservative judges, in crassly political terms – as opponents of affirmative action, abortion, gun control, and campaign finance legislation. But what Scalia cared most about was clear, predictable rules, laid down in advance. _ Cass Sunstein

235/ Advances in technology – hugely beneficial though they are – render us vulnerable in new ways. For instance, our interconnected world depends on elaborate networks: electric power grids, air traffic control, international finance, just – in – time delivery, and so forth. _ Martin Rees

236/ I believe in capitalism for everybody, not necessarily high finance but capitalism that works for the working men and women of this country who are out there paddling alone in America right now. _ Rick Santorum

237/ Now both my films have been number one at the Australian box office and it took about two years just to get the finance for this film, so if it's hard for me then God help everyone else. _ Yahoo Serious

238/ There were a lot of people dreaming about making films, and they would finance maybe 6 films a year. Because they were funded by the government, the films sort – of had to deal with serious social issues – and, as a result, nobody went to see those films. _ Renny Harlin

239/ What we now call 'finance' is, I hold, an intellectual perversion of what began as warm human love. _ Robert Graves

240/ As dismayed as Americans are with the influence of the special interests that finance election campaigns, they've been reluctant to embrace the alternative: taxpayer – financed elections. _ John Harwood

241/ Do you know the only thing that gives me pleasure? It's to see my dividends coming in. _ John D. Rockefeller

242/ Gold and silver, like other commodities, have an intrinsic value, which is not arbitrary, but is dependent on their scarcity, the quantity of labour bestowed in procuring them, and the value of the capital employed in the mines which produce them. _ David Ricardo

243/ There's more honor in investment management than in investment banking. _ Charlie Munger

244/ I believe there's tremendous value in having a Supreme Court with a diverse set of experiences – especially when we're dealing with issues that range from our intimate relationships to how we finance campaigns. _ Cory Booker

245/ The way we finance homes in this country is slow, filled with middlemen, who run a nonstandardized evaluation process. This makes financing a home cumbersome and difficult. _ Barry Ritholtz

246/ If I had sat around and waited until I had an idea to be a successful photographer, I would still be in finance. _ Brandon Stanton

247/ The number one lobby that opposes campaign finance reform in the United States is the National Association of Broadcasters. _ Robert McChesney

248/ If it isn't the sheriff, it's the finance company; I've got more attachments on me than a vacuum cleaner. _ John Barrymore

249/ I grew up reading '2000 AD' and the occasional Transformers and GI Joe comic, but when I could finance comics myself, I lasted only a little reading superheroes. _ Ben Peek

250/ Banks were once places to hold money and were very careful in lending to finance families as they built a future – bought homes, bought cars, took out student loans. _ Elizabeth Warren

251/ Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants. _ Epictetus

252/ We teach about how to drive in school, but not how to manage finances. _ Andy Williams

253/ The government that came into power after the April 1994 elections was going to need a budget. It was drafted by our finance minister, Derek Keys, and he convinced them of the necessity to stay within the free – market principles that had been in force in South Africa for decades. _ F. W. de Klerk

254/ I wasn't a financial pro, and I paid the price. _ Ruth Handler

255/ Look, Congress has allocated more money to finance the upcoming Iraqi elections than it has for the American elections. There's something wrong with that. _ Donna Brazile

256/ I was the first businessman to say, 'You should give tax benefit to only small companies. You should say your profits are exempt to a limit of Rs. 50 crore or so, but beyond that, you should pay taxes.' I have been arguing with successive finance ministers on this. _ N. R. Narayana Murthy

257/ I know how to finance something. It's easier today because, as you're more successful, everybody wants to do deals with you. But even in the beginning, when I took Landry's public, I owned 100 percent of it. I never had investors or anything. I was just always able to find a way to do it. _ Tilman J. Fertitta

258/ Economically considered, war and revolution are always bad business. _ Ludwig von Mises

259/ When I work with countries struggling to pay for budgets or finance trade deficits, I reflect on how Americans do not spend a moment considering the unique advantages of being able to issue bonds and print money freely. _ Robert Zoellick

260/ I probably don't make as much money as people think I make. I make more than the usual medium household. I'm one of the few middle class actors out there. The microcosm of Hollywood reflects the macrocosm of international finance. _ James Ransone

261/ The way to become rich is to put all your eggs in one basket and then watch that basket. _ Andrew Carnegie

262/ Financial crises are like fireworks: they illuminate the sky even as they go pop. _ James Buchan

263/ Landing a million – dollar investment for your startup is exhilarating. But as big as that number sounds, it doesn't go far. Many startups just getting off the ground won't have a CFO to monitor finances. It doesn't take much for spending to spiral out of control. _ Ryan Holmes

264/ You have venture capitalists. We view them as experts who also help finance your company and give directions and also some pretty candid discussions about what you have to do better. _ John T. Chambers

265/ In 'Citizens United v. FEC', the Supreme Court ruled that sections of the federal campaign finance law known as McCain – Feingold imposed unconstitutional restrictions on the First Amendment rights of corporations. _ Eric Schneiderman

266/ There is a growing literature about the multitude of journalism's problems, but most of it is concerned with the editorial side of the business, possibly because most people competent to write about journalism are not comfortable writing about finance. _ Russell Baker

267/ Three years after starting, by physically doing everything from raising the finance to special effects, we'd finally cobbled together our low budget film. _ Yahoo Serious

268/ Sharia has become an increasingly significant force in American capitalism, thanks to the embrace by Wall Street and the U.S. government of so – called Sharia – Compliant Finance. Indeed, this country's taxpayers now own the largest purveyor of sharia – compliant insurance products in the world: AIG. _ Frank Gaffney

269/ Masood Ahmed brings to the position of director of external relations extensive experience gained in a range of senior positions in international finance and development. _ Rodrigo Rato

270/ When you think of Yahoo, they had a shot to be what Vox is doing, in terms of taking content and distribution, and really focusing on news, sports, finance – the things that uniquely Yahoo was really terrific at – and really build that whole flywheel. _ Susan Decker

271/ We cannot both preach and administer financial matters. _ Saint Stephen

272/ The lesson of history is that you do not get a sustained economic recovery as long as the financial system is in crisis. _ Ben Bernanke

273/ It is usually people in the money business, finance, and international trade that are really rich. _ Robin Leach

274/ Here's my gift – giving rule: Respect your current financial situation. _ Suze Orman

275/ If you're a teenager in Palo Alto launching an app, you know from the outset how you plan to finance your business. _ Natalie Massenet

276/ In July of 2010, I lost my finance job in Chicago. Instead of updating my resume and looking for a similar job, I decided to forget about money and have a go at something I truly enjoyed. I'd purchased a semi – professional camera earlier that year and spent my free time taking photos in downtown Chicago. _ Brandon Stanton

277/ But having said that, what's happening with campaign finance reform and our political culture is devastating. _ Robert McChesney

278/ To beat the market you'll have to invest serious bucks to dig up information no one else has yet. _ Merton Miller

279/ Nobody wants campaign finance reform more than me. It would save me a fortune. _ Andrew Tobias

280/ Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones. _ Benjamin Franklin

281/ Qaddafi is hated because he is the leader of a small country that is rich, but he uses his money to finance liberation struggles. _ Louis Farrakhan

282/ American capitalists, enthralled by the doctrines of finance, have put their income statements in service of the balance sheet. _ Clayton M. Christensen

283/ Our strength in finance has led us to set up an international financial centre with medium and long – term objectives, especially to develop Islamic financial and insurance services. _ Hassanal Bolkiah

284/ The number – one job of the hedge – fund manager is not to make sure that you can retire with a smile on your face – it's for him to retire with a smile on his face. _ Mark Cuban

285/ During my administration, we've welcomed a broad and diverse group of industries to New Mexico, including high – tech and traditional manufacturing, health care, information technology and finance. Some are homegrown New Mexico companies; others are global leaders in their industries. _ Susana Martinez

286/ I have a lot of trouble understanding all the detail of finance and administration – but if you combine intellectual and professional capacity with a social conscience, you can change things: countries, structures, economic models, colonial states. _ Evo Morales

287/ This time, instead of moving oceans and healing planets, let's get our bills in order and pay down the debt so we control our own future. _ Artur Davis

288/ It's very difficult to break into motion pictures, but it's oddly easier for directors today because of independent films and cable, who have inherited for the most part those films of substance that the studios are reluctant to finance. _ Mark Rydell

289/ For some time, I thought being a producer would be a more fulfilling career than being an actor. But then I went to a conference in Cannes with 300 other producers, all desperately chasing finance for their projects… and realized being an actor wasn't so bad after all! _ William Kircher

290/ If all the economists were laid end to end, they'd never reach a conclusion. _ George Bernard Shaw

291/ I've always supported myself. I like the sense of knowing exactly where I stand financially, but there is a side of me that longs for a knight in shining armor. _ Barbara Feldon

292/ There can be no rise in the value of labour without a fall of profits. _ David Ricardo

293/ Tom DeLay may or may not have broken campaign finance laws, but he did his best to look like he was breaking them. _ P. J. O'Rourke

294/ If you want to fight the evil you see in finance and industry, get to work reading the corporate filings, see if there has been fraud, and where you find it, report it to the SEC or write about it or blog about it. _ Ben Stein

295/ At this point, I don't get hired a lot because people don't think I could finance a movie. _ Martha Plimpton

296/ Jeff Bezos was one of those best and brightest who came to N.Y. to work in finance. He didn't need to know anything about retail bookselling to start Amazon. _ Jose Ferreira

297/ A person's credit report is one of the most important tools consumers can use to maintain their financial security and credit rating, but for so long many did not know how to obtain one, or what to do with the information it provided. _ Ruben Hinojosa

298/ Orrin Hatch is old enough to be my father, and I don't want my father running the United States Senate Finance Committee. _ Scott Howell

299/ Our goal is to make finance the servant, not the master, of the real economy. _ Alistair Darling

300/ I'm a big advocate of financial intelligence. _ Daymond John

Tổng Hợp 318 Câu Danh Ngôn Tiếng Anh (Finance Quotes) Hay Nhất Và Ý Nghĩa Nhất (Phần Đầu) / 2023

1/ You and I come by road or rail, but economists travel on infrastructure. _ Margaret Thatcher

2/ Thirty to 40 years ago, most financial decisions were fairly simple. _ Scott Cook

3/ Today, if you look at financial systems around the globe, more than half the population of the world – out of six billion people, more than three billion – do not qualify to take out a loan from a bank. This is a shame. _ Muhammad Yunus

4/ I was a great student at a great school, Wharton School of Finance. _ Donald Trump

5/ I don't really consider myself to be a personal finance expert compared with some others. There are quite a few that know a lot more than I do. _ Ben Stein

6/ We all know that Americans love their statistics – in sport, obviously. And in finance too. _ Evan Davis

7/ 'Survivor' wouldn't have happened had I not gone out there and helped CBS to sell sponsors to finance the first one. Part of my thinking on 'Survivor' was that it should have rewards that are corporate brands. A Big Mac, one thimble – full of Coca – Cola. _ Mark Burnett

8/ In the deregulated realm of US banking and finance, crime does occasionally pay for its foul deeds, not in prison time but by making modest rebates to the victims. _ William Greider

9/ Students and postdoctoral fellows largely depend on the support of the public sector to finance the training and research that will make them world – renowned scientists. _ Carol W. Greider

10/ After my father died, we were pretty much wiped out financially as a family, so I decided to give finance a try. _ Leon Black

11/ People who think about art as an investment are pathetic. _ Walter Annenberg

12/ I took some time off after 'Titanic' because I needed to let the dust settle and recharge my battery. I felt, 'OK, you've been given a tremendous opportunity; what are you going to do with it? Now your name can finance movies that you do want to do.' _ Leonardo DiCaprio

13/ For those of us in the financial world, Black Friday has a strong negative connotation, referring to a stock market catastrophe. _ Mark Skousen

14/ One of the reasons this election is so important is because the Supreme Court hangs in the balance. We need to overturn that terrible Supreme Court decision, Citizens United, and then reform our whole campaign finance system. _ Hillary Clinton

15/ My real adversary has no name, no face, no party. It will never be elected, yet it governs – the adversary is the world of finance. _ Francois Hollande

16/ I've lived to see key parts of my research absorbed in textbooks and in central banks around the world. And some finance ministries, too. _ Edmund Phelps

17/ The studios don't finance anymore, they get outside funds. _ Robert Rodriguez

18/ The only way that we can reduce our financial dependence on the inflow of funds from the rest of the world is to reduce our trade deficit. _ Martin Feldstein

19/ I had some of the students in my finance class actually do some empirical work on capital structures, to see if we could find any obvious patterns in the data, but we couldn't see any. _ Merton Miller

20/ And at a relatively early age, ten or so, I invested my first share of stock. And I used to follow, look at companies and so forth. But throughout the whole period, and indeed right through my college years, while I was involved in the stock market, always interested in finance, I never thought of it as a full – time job. _ Robert C. Merton

21/ Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism, it's just the opposite. _ John Kenneth Galbraith

22/ What distinguishes the campaign finance issue from just about every other one being debated these days is that the two sides do not divide along conventional liberal/ conservative lines. _ James L. Buckley

23/ Being in the consumer business helps us groom talent in areas like marketing, finance and logistics. We can benchmark our outsourcing business to our consumer business and its best practices. _ Azim Premji

24/ If you go back to the time of J.P. Morgan, the world of high finance was completely wholesale. The prestigious investment banks on Wall Street appealed exclusively to large corporations, governments, and to extremely wealthy individuals. _ Ron Chernow

25/ If you don't have a VP Finance on your team reporting to you, do yourself, your team, and your investors a favor and go hire one right now. _ Brad Feld

26/ I think I can hold every portfolio – defense, finance and Foreign Ministry. I think personally I'd like the foreign office. _ Avigdor Lieberman

27/ If you look on Amazon – if you do a search for personal finance, there are literally 20,000 books written on personal finance, and there's no real reason for it. I mean, personal finance is pretty simple. _ Aaron Patzer

28/ I personally believe that there's going to be a good case for the government preserving some type of guarantee to make sure that people have the ability to borrow to finance a house even in a very damaging recession. I think there's going to be a good case for that. _ Timothy Geithner

29/ Large companies cannot finance political parties as their shareholders and employees have different political views. _ Mikhail Khodorkovsky

30/ Many dotcoms recruited people from existing companies who were quite experienced in finance, marketing, distribution and other disciplines but not necessarily experienced in the Web culture. _ John Patrick

31/ Capital is that part of wealth which is devoted to obtaining further wealth. _ Alfred Marshall

32/ I'm involved in the stock market, which is fun and, sometimes, very painful. _ Regis Philbin

33/ Watch your finances like a hawk. _ H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

34/ I went to the Wharton School of Finance, the toughest place to get into. I was a great student. _ Donald Trump

35/ I had to deal with terrorist finance. And we had to, if you like, ensure that the accounts of people who were guilty of terrorist finance or using their accounts for terrorist finance were closed down. So we had to do asset freezing. _ Gordon Brown

36/ In the business world, we can point to instances when a lack of integrity has bankrupted entire companies – in sectors as different as finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, and energy. _ Rex Tillerson

37/ Imperceptibly, the developed world's manufacturing base was gradually eroding and being replaced by securitized finance that destroyed itself and nearly its economies in 2008. _ Bill Gross

38/ If US per capita income continues to grow at a rate of 1.5 percent a year, the country will have plenty of money to finance comfortable retirements and high – quality healthcare for all citizens, including those at the bottom of the wage ladder. _ William Greider

39/ A moderate addiction to money may not always be hurtful; but when taken in excess it is nearly always bad for the health. _ Clarence Day

40/ Under capitalism each individual engages in economic planning. _ George Reisman

41/ My dad's a professor of medicine; my mum was a nurse. My little sister is going into healthcare. My older sister is a nurse; my brother's in finance – I'm the runt of the litter. _ Will Poulter

42/ About the time we can make the ends meet, somebody moves the ends. _ Herbert Hoover

43/ The only way to permanently change the temperature in the room is to reset the thermostat. In the same way, the only way to change your level of financial success 'permanently' is to reset your financial thermostat. But it is your choice whether you choose to change. _ T. Harv Eker

44/ The campaign finance scandal in America is the global warming of American political life – with cash substituting for deadly solar radiation. _ Alec Baldwin

45/ I don't want euro bonds that serve to mutualize the entire debt of the countries in the euro zone. That can only work in the longer – term. I want euro bonds to be used to finance targeted investments in future – oriented growth projects. It isn't the same thing. Let's call them 'project bonds' instead of euro bonds. _ Francois Hollande

46/ Chancellor Angela Merkel and Wolfgang Schaeuble, her finance minister, are right to oppose fiscal and bank unions without political union. _ Edmund Phelps

47/ Believe it or not, there are some things that I have written that would be kind of a dream to make. Hopefully, I will get to finance them… There is something that I wrote called 'Demon's Flare' which would kind of be a dream come true. _ Steven Seagal

48/ To finance this trade deficit, the U.S. has to borrow from the rest of the world or sell American assets like stocks, businesses, and real estate to the rest of the world. _ Martin Feldstein

49/ Arbitrage proof has since been widely used throughout finance and economics. _ Merton Miller

50/ To be fair, lying is part and parcel of public life. Every politician has lied about something because they are owned by the special interest groups that finance their elections. _ Peter Schuyler

51/ I believe that through knowledge and discipline, financial peace is possible for all of us. _ Dave Ramsey

52/ It's cheaper to buy a house and finance it than it is to rent in many markets. _ Barry Sternlicht

53/ The transaction cost approach maintains that some projects are easy to finance by debt and ought to be financed by debt. These are projects for which physical – asset specificity is low to moderate. _ Oliver E. Williamson

54/ Spain is finding it very difficult to finance itself with sovereign debt risk premium so high. _ Mariano Rajoy

55/ Show people tend to treat their finances like their dentistry. They assume the man handling it knows what he is doing. _ Dick Cavett

56/ I founded Atari in my garage in Santa Clara while at Stanford. When I was in school, I took a lot of business classes. I was really fascinated by economics. You end up having to be a marketeer, finance maven and a little bit of a technologist in order to get a business going. _ Nolan Bushnell

57/ Financial support is one thing, but I always think what becomes really sacrificial is your time. _ Cliff Richard

58/ Actually criminal sanctions that are given could be up to five years for violating the rules and regulations under the campaign finance reform. This is like the Alien and Sedition Act of years and years ago, decades ago. _ Jay Alan Sekulow

59/ When I became finance minister, they called me Okonjo – Wahala – or 'Trouble Woman.' It means 'I give you hell.' But I don't care what names they call me. I'm a fighter; I'm very focused on what I'm doing, and relentless in what I want to achieve, almost to a fault. If you get in my way, you get kicked. _ Ngozi Okonjo – Iweala

60/ I understand that finance can be very complex. _ Kevin Harrington

61/ Stay on top of your finances. Don't leave that up to others. _ Leif Garrett

62/ Money is the best rule of commerce. _ William Petty

63/ What you get out of an M.B.A. programme, no matter how much experience, is functional tools and understanding in disciplines: you'll understand economics, you'll understand marketing, finance, accounting. That, M.B.A. programmes do very well. _ Henry Mintzberg

64/ I've never preached one sermon on money, on just finances. I want to stay away from it. _ Joel Osteen

65/ Mississippi's loose campaign finance laws allow lawyers and companies to contribute heavily to the judges they appear before. That is terrible for justice, since the courts are teeming with perfectly legal conflicts of interest. _ Adam Cohen

66/ If the Indian people want stories written about themselves, how they want them told, they are going to have to make them, they're going to have to finance them. If you let Hollywood do it, Hollywood is going to get it wrong most of the time. _ Ricky Schroder

67/ Prior to SunRun, I was headed toward a career in venture capital and then realized I wanted to apply my knowledge of finance more directly to helping change the world. _ Lynn Jurich

68/ We'll have a public power authority, which will also have the ability to build power or finance power. And more importantly, we'll have more power than our economy provides. All of that will give us leverage we don't have today. _ Gray Davis

69/ I don't plan on going back to legal work. I wanted an international career, and finance seemed to be where some interesting career opportunities were. _ Nick Johnson

70/ It starts with campaign finance reform. _ Zack Space

71/ In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. _ Benjamin Franklin

72/ Finance, like time, devours its own children. _ Honore de Balzac

73/ Wall Street has too much wealth and political power. _ Charlie Munger

74/ Infinite growth of material consumption in a finite world is an impossibility. _ E. F. Schumacher

75/ My issue with campaign finance is 100 percent disclosure. Wear a suit with patches from your big contributors. Depending on the size of the contribution, that's how big the patch should be. _ Gary Johnson

76/ I worked with a group of people who argued day and night – professors, officials, the Minister of Finance – but there were decisions that I had to make. _ Shimon Peres

77/ When you print money, the money does not flow evenly into the economic system. It stays essentially in the financial service industry and among people that have access to these funds, mostly well – to – do people. It does not go to the worker. _ Marc Faber

78/ But because we in the United States finance our current account deficit by borrowing in our own currency, we can move to a more competitive dollar without the adverse effects that followed currency declines in other countries. _ Martin Feldstein

79/ My finances have been decimated by a group of people, such as my ex – attorney, my ex – business manager, and an estate planner, specifically. And they have conspired together to – to co – op my corporations, put in trustees without my knowledge. _ Randy Quaid

80/ I wanted to make Jerusalem as feature film. But we couldn't finance it only through theatrical release, we couldn't get all the money we needed. We had to get some money from television. So we said, ok, let's do it both ways. So we did it in four parts. _ Bille August

81/ The way to make money is to buy when blood is running in the streets. _ John D. Rockefeller

82/ I do not regard a broker as a member of the human race. _ Honore de Balzac

83/ You look at marketing: everything that's happening in marketing is digitized. Everything that's happening in finance is digitized. So pretty much every industry, every function in every industry, has a huge element that's driven by information technology. It's no longer discrete. _ Satya Nadella

84/ In the long term, Germany didn't need a finance minister who was absent during important negotiations in the European Council. But the chancellor strongly encouraged me to stay. And everything did work out for the best in the end. _ Wolfgang Schauble

85/ As a company, we have to be very transparent. We are in a business very related to finance, and I want this company to last long, and I want this company to be audited by everyone. _ Jack Ma

86/ Poverty is unnecessary. _ Muhammad Yunus

87/ Argentina has decided to take its place in the global landscape. We need important companies of the world to finance and construct roads, ports, waterways, energy, trains. We're a huge country that only depends on trucks today. It's impossible. _ Mauricio Macri

88/ I've learned there's a big difference between a long – focused value investor and a good short – seller. That difference is psychological and I think it falls into the realm of behavioral finance. _ James Chanos

89/ I certainly want campaign finance reform. I just wish this would do it in a way that would stand up to a constitutional challenge. _ Ben Nelson

90/ If I finance a bank and I know if the bank will get in trouble, I will be hit and I will lose money, I will put a price on that. _ Jeroen Dijsselbloem

91/ When you're building a company, you need to continually strengthen every component – finance, strategic partnerships, executive team, and relationships with every last constituency. _ Michael J. Saylor

92/ We had a booming stock market in 1929 and then went into the world's greatest depression. We have a booming stock market in 1999. Will the bubble somehow burst, and then we enter depression? Well, some things are not different. _ Jeffrey Sachs

93/ Finance is critical. If sufficient investment is made in infrastructure and venture capital is made available, there will be a big improvement in the situation. _ Sanjay Kumar

94/ Every nation has to either be with us, or against us. Those who harbor terrorists, or who finance them, are going to pay a price. _ Hillary Clinton

95/ What was once a fringe idea – finding a way to use the record levels of overseas capital to finance new projects in the United States – is now mainstream. The support is there; we just have to work out the details. _ John Delaney

96/ As the Executive Chairman of 'Breitbart News' with a long run in business and finance, I can tell you, it's hard to run a company that is infinitesimally smaller than Fox; it takes a steady and experienced hand. _ Stephen Bannon

97/ The Finance Ministry can bring about real social change. _ Moshe Kahlon

98/ I know what I don't know. To this day, I don't know technology, and I don't know finance or accounting. _ Bernard Ebbers

99/ You can be this super – successful woman who's smart and effective but still feminine. When I worked in finance, I didn't always think that was possible. _ Ruzwana Bashir

100/ In the long run, with profits from piracy greater than international finance mobilised to solve the problem, we can expect piracy to increase geographically and in sophistication. _ Peter Middlebrook

Tổng Hợp 462 Câu Danh Ngôn Tiếng Anh (Equality Quotes) Hay Nhất Và Ý Nghĩa Nhất (Phần 2) / 2023

201/ The MLK Shabbat Suppers focused on the theme of educational inequity, which Dr. King considered inextricably linked to the struggle for equality and justice. _ Lynn Schusterman

202/ In science, all facts, no matter how trivial or banal, enjoy democratic equality. _ Mary McCarthy

203/ I believe the equal rights amendment is a necessity of life for all citizens. The cabinet sometimes felt that I shouldn't be so outspoken. _ Betty Ford

204/ Humanistic values of equality and equal rights for all nations and individuals as crystallized in the principles of the United Nations Charter are mankind's great achievements in the 20th century. _ Tran Duc Luong

205/ True equality means holding everyone accountable in the same way, regardless of race, gender, faith, ethnicity – or political ideology. _ Monica Crowley

206/ Equality, rightly understood as our founding fathers understood it, leads to liberty and to the emancipation of creative differences; wrongly understood, as it has been so tragically in our time, it leads first to conformity and then to despotism. _ Barry Goldwater

207/ Women have fought so long and hard for our rights and equality, and now all our attention is put on being a size 0. _ Pink

208/ The media says that equality for women has arrived, but if you look around, you still don't see girls playing guitars and having success with it. _ Joan Jett

209/ Marriage equality is not a choice. It is a legal right. _ Cory Booker

210/ Demands for equality for women are threats to men's self – esteem and sense of sexual turf. _ Alice S. Rossi

211/ Equality for men and women, across the world, not only in sports, is the goal. We obviously have a long way to go, but every little bit helps. _ Venus Williams

212/ My mum fought for feminism in her day so instilled in me the importance of equality. She taught me so much about women. _ Chris Evans

213/ Nobody really believes in equality anyway. _ Warren Farrell

214/ Feminism is just about equality, really, and there's so much stuff attached to the word, when it's actually so simple. I don't know why it's always so bogged down. _ Mia Wasikowska

215/ There is no justice in social justice, and there is no equality in social equality. _ Brad Thor

216/ In Islamic societies, politicians can manipulate almost everything. But thus far, no fundamentalist leader has been able to convince his supporters to renounce Islam's central virtue – the principle of strict equality between human beings, regardless of sex, race, or creed. _ Fatema Mernissi

217/ I would definitely say I'm a feminist. To me, it just means being attentive and mindful. It's about equality and equal treatment. It feels like a gut instinct. _ Hattie Morahan

218/ I think preaching equality among unequals is the worst form of discrimination. _ Palaniappan Chidambaram

219/ I like the religion that teaches liberty, equality and fraternity. _ B. R. Ambedkar

220/ Our socialism does not include extreme materialistic concepts, since Indonesia is primarily a God – fearing, God – loving nation. Our socialism is a mixture. We draw political equality from the American Declaration of Independence. We draw spiritual equality from Islam and Christianity. We draw scientific equality from Marx. _ Sukarno

221/ The cry of equality pulls everyone down. _ Iris Murdoch

222/ Marriage equality is a term so ridiculous on its face that when you hear it mentioned, you would think you were in Riyadh. Years from now, perhaps we can lose the equality part, the same – sex part and call it what it is – marriage. _ Henry Rollins

223/ In articulating all my feelings about marriage equality, I almost don't know where to begin. And perhaps that's part of the problem. Why do we have to explain ourselves when it comes to issues of fairness and equality? Why is common sense not enough? _ Scott Fujita

224/ I am much more open about categories of gender, and my feminism has been about women's safety from violence, increased literacy, decreased poverty and more equality. _ Judith Butler

225/ The state controlling a woman would mean denying her full autonomy and full equality. _ Ruth Bader Ginsburg

226/ I believe that our democratic values are also born out of our Jewish faith, a 'love for the stranger,' and equality before the law – these are not foreign values: this is Judaism. _ Reuven Rivlin

227/ The women's movement in the 1970s led more women into the workforce and got them closer to pay equality. _ Rebecca Traister

228/ The struggle for equality is really a struggle for democracy, and that's why it's a struggle for all the population. _ Ayman Odeh

229/ A woman who thinks she is intelligent demands the same rights as man. An intelligent woman gives up. _ Sidonie Gabrielle Colette

230/ On the one hand we publicly pronounce the equality of all peoples; on the other hand, in our immigration laws, we embrace in practice these very theories we abhor and verbally condemn. _ Emanuel Celler

231/ Unless man is committed to the belief that all mankind are his brothers, then he labors in vain and hypocritically in the vineyards of equality. _ Adam Clayton

232/ It is right that people should have a statuary right to holidays and a maximum working week. It is right that part – time workers should have the same equality when it comes to hourly rates. _ John Reid

233/ Educated women armed with computers have defeated extremists by denying them a monopoly to define cultural identity and interpret religious texts. No extremist can say that women are inferior to men without being made a laughingstock on Al Jazeera. Islam insisted on equality between everyone. _ Fatema Mernissi

234/ The greatest problem is not with flat – out white racists, but rather with the far larger number of Americans who believe intellectually in racial equality but are quietly oblivious to injustice around them. _ Nicholas Kristof

235/ You have to stand guard over the development and maintenance of Islamic democracy, Islamic social justice and the equality of manhood in your own native soil. _ Muhammad Ali Jinnah

236/ I live in America. I have the right to write whatever I want. And it's equaled by another right just as powerful: the right not to read it. Freedom of speech includes the freedom to offend people. _ Brad Thor

237/ My goal is to show girls that I'm fighting so they don't have to, so they don't have to fight the same battles, so they don't have to fight for wage equality or whatever it may be. _ Alex Morgan

238/ Women have a lot to say about how to advance women's rights, and governments need to learn from that, listen to the movement and respond. _ Charlotte Bunch

239/ If liberty and equality, as is thought by some, are chiefly to be found in democracy, they will be best attained when all persons alike share in government to the utmost. _ Aristotle

240/ You see, Africa makes a fool of our idea of justice. It makes a farce of our idea of equality. It mocks our pieties. It doubts our concern. It questions our commitment. Because there is no way we can look at what's happening in Africa, and if we're honest, conclude that it would ever be allowed to happen anywhere else. _ Bono

241/ The only thing I advocate for is for equality for female athletes because we train just as hard, and we're always having a lot of head – to – head clashes, always competing against each other. _ Shelly – Ann Fraser – Pryce

242/ I have supported civil rights activity in my state. I have done my job with integrity, equality, and fairness for all. _ Jeff Sessions

243/ When Landon Carter, a Virginia plantation owner, read the Declaration of Independence two days after it was issued, he wondered whether its ringing affirmation of equality meant that slaves must be freed. If so, he confided to his diary, 'You must send them out of the country, or they must steal for their support.' _ Edmund Morgan

244/ Neoliberalism considers the discourse of equality, justice, and democracy quaint, if not dangerous and must be either trivialized, turned into its Orwellian opposite, or eviscerated from public life. _ Henry Giroux

245/ I want to work on respecting individuals' dignity. Equal rights, that's where my heart is. That means equal rights and benefits, and that's what we need. _ Christine Gregoire

246/ You got to fight for quality art and equality and all the things that we're fighting for, the things we believe in. Choice and preference and all those things that we support. We don't want to give up that fight. You got to keep doing it. _ Christopher Cross

247/ I don't think we really think about where we get our equality from. There is a sense of feminism and women become passe, in my opinion. _ Anastasia Griffith

248/ The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal. _ Aristotle

249/ Equality and separation cannot exist in the same space. _ Jason Mraz

250/ Sweden is an open, liberal, secular and democratic country. We strive towards achieving equality; we are forward – looking and refuse to be pulled back by social constructs such as religion. _ Bjorn Ulvaeus

251/ At a time when efforts are being made to eradicate discrimination between the sexes in the search for social equality and justice, the differences between the sexes are being rediscovered. _ Carol Gilligan

252/ The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread. _ Anatole France

253/ Free trade is very important if we respect equality among nations. _ Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva

254/ Sports are a great place to show that equality can happen. _ Venus Williams

255/ Jackie Robinson, as an athlete and as someone who was trying to make a stand for equality, he was exemplary. _ Kareem Abdul – Jabbar

256/ The battle for women's rights has been largely won. _ Margaret Thatcher

257/ This simple truth is the essence of my message to Muslims throughout the world: know who you are, who you want to be, and start talking and working with whom you are not. Find common values and build with fellow citizens a society based on diversity and equality. _ Tariq Ramadan

258/ The biggest deficit in terms of gender equality at Ozon lay in our IT department. So we made a decision, along with our key IT leaders, to remove all filters and systemically interview all the women who apply. _ Maelle Gavet

259/ The rights of one sex, political and otherwise, are the same as those of the other sex, and this equality of rights ought to be fully recognized. _ Leland Stanford

260/ We are in the midst of an exciting canvass… I am working very hard in politics as well as in other matters. We are determined that Mississippi shall be settled on a basis of justice and political and legal equality. _ Hiram Rhodes Revels

261/ The idea of equal rights was in the air. _ Lucy Stone

262/ Corporate social responsibility is measured in terms of businesses improving conditions for their employees, shareholders, communities, and environment. But moral responsibility goes further, reflecting the need for corporations to address fundamental ethical issues such as inclusion, dignity, and equality. _ Klaus Schwab

263/ My social philosophy may be said to be enshrined in three words: liberty, equality and fraternity. Let no one, however, say that I have borrowed by philosophy from the French Revolution. I have not. My philosophy has roots in religion and not in political science. I have derived them from the teachings of my Master, the Buddha. _ B. R. Ambedkar

264/ We have talked long enough in this country about equal rights. It is time now to write the next chapter – and to write it in the books of law. _ Lyndon B. Johnson

265/ The Millennium Development Goals were a pledge to uphold the principles of human dignity, equality and equity, and free the world from extreme poverty. The MDGs, with eight goals and a set of measurable time – bound targets, established a blueprint for tackling the most pressing development challenges of our time. _ Ban Ki – moon

266/ I am very proud of the role I played in getting legal equality for people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, and in helping get rid of the prejudice by being visible about it, helping to block the conviction of Bill Clinton of impeachment. _ Barney Frank

267/ The way the Democrats go about seeking equality is to lower people at the top. _ Rush Limbaugh

268/ The concern was that if a woman was doing gender equality, her chances of making it to tenure in the law school were diminished. It was considered frivolous. _ Ruth Bader Ginsburg

269/ Worrying about the poor is one thing. To contend that equality is necessary for growth is an altogether different and more radical idea. _ Chrystia Freeland

270/ There have been some gains made in terms of more equality for women in the workplace and in the way the legal system deals with issues of violence against women. _ Tracy Chapman

271/ Just as Jews in the U.S. joined Martin Luther King, I'm sure hundreds of thousands of Jews will join the struggle for civil equality in Israel. _ Ayman Odeh

272/ As soon as man enters into a state of society he loses the sense of his weakness; equality ceases, and then commences the state of war. _ Charles de Secondat

273/ In '42,' it's like the '40s where racial equality had come into the consciousness of a lot of people, whereas in the 1900s it was sort of a new thing. _ Andre Holland

274/ The test for whether or not you can hold a job should not be the arrangement of your chromosomes. _ Bella Abzug

275/ I was part of a show called 'Manifest Equality' in Los Angeles in 2010, and I realized there was a disconnect between people who are gay or have gay friends and are gay – friendly, and people who think they don't know any gay people. _ iO Tillett Wright

276/ My brother had the courage to come out in 1978, when equality was still a distant dream. _ Elizabeth Esty

277/ That the caste system must be abolished if the Hindu society is to be reconstructed on the basis of equality, goes without saying. Untouchability has its roots in the caste system. They cannot expect the Brahmins to rise in revolt against the caste system. Also we cannot rely upon the non – Brahmins and ask them to fight our battle. _ B. R. Ambedkar

278/ Then not only custom, but also nature affirms that to do is more disgraceful than to suffer injustice, and that justice is equality. _ Plato

279/ Equality for women is progress for all. _ Ban Ki – moon

280/ From the day of its birth, the anomaly of slavery plagued a nation which asserted the equality of all men, and sought to derive powers of government from the consent of the governed. Within sound of the voices of those who said this lived more than half a million black slaves, forming nearly one – fifth of the population of a new nation. _ W. E. B. Du Bois

281/ Real equality is immensely difficult to achieve, it needs continual revision and monitoring of distributions. And it does not provide buffers between members, so they are continually colliding or frustrating each other. _ Mary Douglas

282/ In terms of my involvement in 'don't ask, don't tell' and marriage equality and anti – bullying and social emotional learning in schools – these are all things that arise out of my relationship with the world and with my fans. _ Lady Gaga

283/ It's annoying, but justice and equality are mates. Aren't they? Justice always wants to hang out with equality. And equality is a real pain. _ Bono

284/ You can't state difference and also state equality. We have to state sameness to understand equality. _ Zadie Smith

285/ I enjoy repartee and frequently engage in devil's advocacy. In short, when I talk to friends, I do not guard every word that I say because I think that I know they know that my commitment to equality and justice is real, and they would not twist my words or misinterpret what I am saying to them. _ Jeff Sessions

286/ I am for 100% equality across the board for everybody, in all walks of life. _ David Furnish

287/ Stewardesses are still paid so little that in many cases, new hires qualify for food stamps. _ Patricia Ireland

288/ Democracy not only requires equality but also an unshakable conviction in the value of each person, who is then equal. _ Jeane Kirkpatrick

289/ The people of Canada have worked hard to build a country that opens its doors to include all, regardless of their differences; a country that respects all, regardless of their differences; a country that demands equality for all, regardless of their differences. _ Paul Martin

290/ I am an aristocrat. I love liberty; I hate equality. _ John Randolph

291/ Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add 'within the limits of the law' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual. _ Thomas Jefferson

292/ Martin Luther King, Jr. didn't carry just a piece of cloth to symbolize his belief in racial equality; he carried the American flag. _ Adrian Cronauer

293/ Separate inherently is not equal. There's a reason why $45 million was spent against marriage equality. It's because people understand the word does have meaning. And equality comes when we accept the same notions and the same institutions for everyone, regardless of race and gender and regardless of sex orientation. _ Gavin Newsom

294/ I believe that as women, we must commit ourselves to sustaining the progress made by our foremothers who fought so hard for women's equality and liberation. _ Carre Otis

295/ The March on Washington affirmed our values as a people: equality and opportunity for all. Forty – one years ago, during a time of segregation, these were an ideal. _ Leonard Boswell

296/ I am fiscally prudent and socially progressive. I believe in protecting a woman's right to choose. I believe in marriage equality. _ Andrew Cuomo

297/ As long as we set up equality, we'll go in the right direction. _ Venus Williams

298/ Why did mainstream America come to accept marriage equality? Gay leaders had made a convincing case that gay families were like straight families and should have the same rights. The American spirit of fair play had been invoked. _ Edmund White

299/ 'The Handmaid's Tale' is a human story, and women's rights are human rights, and it's all about equality, but at the end of the day, it's not equal. _ Yvonne Strahovski

300/ Republicans many times can't get the words 'equality of opportunity' out of their mouths. Their lips do not form that way. _ Jack Kemp

Tổng Hợp 1072 Câu Danh Ngôn Tiếng Anh (Government Quotes) Hay Nhất Và Ý Nghĩa Nhất (Phần 2) / 2023

201/ The more expansive government is, the more perils people face in daily lives, be it from IRS agents or from child support services, or from other agencies that often have little or no legal restraints on their power. _ James Bovard

202/ The government cannot overcome bad parenting. What our leaders can do is publicly condemn irresponsible parental behavior in vivid terms. _ Bill O'Reilly

203/ I'm not gonna give the British Government the joy of keeping taxing me. They don't tax art. And all my cars are just a collection of art. _ Jay Kay

204/ The Chinese government wants me to say that for many centuries Tibet has been part of China. Even if I make that statement, many people would just laugh. And my statement will not change past history. History is history. _ Dalai Lama

205/ My objection to the death penalty is based on the idea that this is a democracy, and in a democracy the government is me, and if the government kills somebody then I'm killing somebody. _ Steve Earle

206/ Single women will get us closer to gender equality, and that will take many forms, including a reimagining of what families entail and what it means to have a full female life. Also, their presence will force the government to support a population of independent women more capably. _ Rebecca Traister

207/ Jesus of Nazareth was the most famous human being who ever lived on this planet, and he had no infrastructure, and it's never been done. He had no government, no PR guy, no money, no structure. He had nothing, yet he became the most famous human being ever. _ Bill O'Reilly

208/ What is ominous is the ease with which some people go from saying that they don't like something to saying that the government should forbid it. When you go down that road, don't expect freedom to survive very long. _ Thomas Sowell

209/ Good government only happens when the people working in it do their jobs, and do them well. _ Matthew Lesko

210/ The essence of Government is power; and power, lodged as it must be in human hands, will ever be liable to abuse. _ James Madison

211/ Mankind, when left to themselves, are unfit for their own government. _ George Washington

212/ No government ought to be without censors; and where the press is free no one ever will. _ Thomas Jefferson

213/ Tourism is a top priority activity for federal government, which is why it invests an average of over 2,500 million dollars a year in infrastructure works and integral projects that promote Mexico's culture and natural attractions. _ Vicente Fox

214/ This is a generation weaned on Watergate, and there is no presumption of innocence and no presumption of good intentions. Instead, there is a presumption that, without relentless scrutiny, the government will misbehave. _ Dee Dee Myers

215/ In a way, NAFTA is like a scrambled egg. How do you unscramble an egg? The value chains are so interwoven that it would be very difficult to do that. But government policies force us to look for ways to unscramble it. _ Shahid Khan

216/ If government were a product, selling it would be illegal. _ P. J. O'Rourke

217/ When you have an efficient government, you have a dictatorship. _ Harry S Truman

218/ The Constitution is not neutral. It was designed to take the government off the backs of people. _ William O. Douglas

219/ If the United States is hit with a weapon of mass destruction that inflicts large casualties, the Constitution will likely be discarded in favor of a military form of government. _ Tommy Franks

220/ We must force the government to stop the bird migration. We must shoot all birds, field all our men and troops… and force migratory birds to stay where they are. _ Vladimir Zhirinovsky

221/ I know it's going to be the private sector that leads this country out of the current economic times we're in. You can spend your money better than the government can spend your money. _ George W. Bush

222/ Every government must consider the security of the country. That is just part of the responsibilities of any government. But true security can only come out of unity within a country where there are so many ethnic nationalities. _ Aung San Suu Kyi

223/ During Vietnam, I was in college, enjoying my student deferment. The government wisely felt that, in my case, military service was less important than completing my studies to prepare me for my chosen career: comedian. _ Al Franken

224/ U.S. Government propaganda tries to give the impression that aerial bombardment achieves near – surgical accuracy, so that military targets can be destroyed with minimal effect on civilians. Technical documents give a different picture. _ Noam Chomsky

225/ We pledge to you that we will create jobs. End economic uncertainty and make America more competitive. We will cut Washington wasteful spending and reduce the size of government. And we will reform Congress and restore your trust in government. _ Kevin McCarthy

226/ The SNP became a minority government in 2007, then a majority one in 2011. But Labour viewed what was happening as some kind of aberration. They felt the problem wasn't theirs: they didn't have to change; the Scottish people had just gone down this wrong road, and if they waited long enough, they would find their way back. _ Nicola Sturgeon

227/ We are a republic, very inefficient. If you want a really efficient form of government, you have a king or a dictator. And in the end, you hope it's a benevolent one. But then you could get things done. There's no lurching; there's no bumps. That's the cornerstone of checks and balances. _ Rick Santelli

228/ The worst evils which mankind has ever had to endure were inflicted by bad governments. _ Ludwig von Mises

229/ Government always finds a need for whatever money it gets. _ Ronald Reagan

230/ We must remember that democracy works when given time to develop, mature and deliver. People must have access to information for informed debate. Government institutions must treat citizens fairly, and with dignity, while responding to their needs. _ Atifete Jahjaga

231/ Great innovators like Thomas Alva Edison, Henry Ford, and Andrew Carnegie didn't rely on government. There was hardly any of it in those days. More recently, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Larry Ellison used genius to put brand – new ideas into production. _ Lawrence Kudlow

232/ The essence of good government is trust. _ Kathleen Sebelius

233/ You bet every member of Congress who votes for this bill ought to read it, read it thoroughly, and understand that what we're looking at here amounts to nothing more than a government takeover of our health care economy, paid for with nearly a trillion dollars in new taxes on individuals and small businesses. And it must be opposed. _ Mike Pence

234/ The Congress leadership always denied responsibilities to me both within the government and within the party organisation… They would always tell me my image as a Hindu leader was a constraint on my capacity as a political leader. _ Satpal Maharaj

235/ If we are going to realise our ambition of ending the harmful practices of FGM and forced marriage, the role of young people in pushing for change is crucial. We also need to ensure that everyone, from government to civil society, is playing their part. _ Theresa May

236/ It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself. _ Thomas Jefferson

237/ The best reason why Monarchy is a strong government is, that it is an intelligible government. The mass of mankind understand it, and they hardly anywhere in the world understand any other. _ Walter Bagehot

238/ It would be extremely naive to conclude anything other than the following: America's most vital secrets are in the hands of our adversaries because Secretary Clinton intentionally avoided using official government communication systems. _ Mike Pompeo

239/ Poor people cannot rely on the government to come to help you in times of need. You have to get your education. Then nobody can control your destiny. _ Charles Barkley

240/ Experience teaches us to be most on our guard to protect liberty when the government's purposes are beneficent. _ Louis D. Brandeis

241/ In abandoning the understanding that things – services, goods, wars, and houses – have costs, we risk becoming infantilised, incapable of making decisions about government or finance, and perhaps above all about the environment, the wellbeing of the planet upon which we depend and which our children will inherit from us. _ Nick Harkaway

242/ The director of the FBI has been visiting Silicon Valley companies asking them to build back doors so that it can spy on what is being said online. The Department of Commerce is going after piracy. At home, the American government wants anything but Internet freedom. _ Evgeny Morozov

243/ Loyalty to the Nation all the time, loyalty to the Government when it deserves it. _ Mark Twain

244/ Relying on the government to protect your privacy is like asking a peeping tom to install your window blinds. _ John Perry Barlow

245/ Government is inherently incompetent, and no matter what task it is assigned, it will do it in the most expensive and inefficient way possible. _ Charley Reese

246/ The government that governs from afar absolutely requires that the truth and the facts reach its knowledge by every possible channel, so that it may weigh and estimate them better, and this need increases when a country like the Philippines is concerned, where the inhabitants speak and complain in a language unknown to the authorities. _ Jose Rizal

247/ Any government that has a sincere desire for reform and progress should understand the benefit of objective and constructive criticism. _ Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa

248/ In a divided government, you can't just say, 'It's my way or the highway.' _ Jeb Bush

249/ Transparency concerning the Federal Reserve's conduct of monetary policy is desirable because better public understanding enhances the effectiveness of policy. More important, however, is that transparent communications reflect the Federal Reserve's commitment to accountability within our democratic system of government. _ Janet Yellen

250/ The world is not going to be saved by legislation. _ William Howard Taft

251/ The best form of government is that which is most likely to prevent the greatest sum of evil. _ James Monroe

252/ It is time for the government of China to stop holding innocent religious figures in captivity merely for peacefully protesting China's occupation of Tibet. _ Sam Brownback

253/ Fraud, robbery, and murder have characterized the English usurpation of the government of our country. Why, for the last fifty years we have been robbed in the matter of taxes of hundreds of millions. _ John Edward Redmond

254/ I often quote Ronald Reagan, who is pretty close to my favorite President ever, I will have to say that, but one of my favorite remarks he ever made was that when you look at Federal programs, there is nothing so close to eternal life on Earth as a Federal Government program. _ Marsha Blackburn

255/ Our nation is too different, too diverse to say that what works in Massachusetts is somehow going to be grabbed by the federal government, usurping the power of states and imposing a one – size – fits – all plan on the nation. That will not work. _ Mitt Romney

256/ People are constantly applying double standards. Take the United States, for example. Washington wants the whole world to admire the country for its democracy. Then the government sends out its army, in the name of this democracy, and leaves behind the kind of chaos we see in Iraq. _ Jacob Zuma

257/ The Tea Party is simply a loose description of local activism driven by Americans who want smaller government and more self – reliance. That sounds like what the Founding Fathers had in mind, does it not? _ Bill O'Reilly

258/ Uncertainty is normal in the first few days of a new government. _ Victor Ponta

259/ Some people will have to be afraid. Those who plunder the nation, deliver injustice, will have to feel scared of me. And I am not afraid of admitting this. Government cannot be so lenient that it forgives them. _ Narendra Modi

260/ I've never dealt with the Russian government, I've never had a relationship with the Russian government. _ Paul Manafort

261/ The government sends low – flying helicopters to chase the horses into corrals and then takes them from the plains of the American West to federal holding pens. The government claims it's to save the horses from starvation. Critics claim the real motive is to clear the land for cattle grazing. Critics also say the horses are brutally traumatized. _ Jane Velez – Mitchell

262/ A government must not waiver once it has chosen it's course. It must not look to the left or right but go forward. _ Otto von Bismarck

263/ I respect very much the role of the media in our society; I think they can be very, very helpful. They serve as a very useful check, sort of a watchdog over the actions of the government, and I respect that. _ Alberto Gonzales

264/ A very large majority of the U.S. population is in favor of establishing diplomatic relations with Cuba and has been for a long time with some fluctuations. And even part of the business world is in favor of it, too. But the government won't allow it. _ Noam Chomsky

265/ The steel workers have now buried their dead, while the widows weep and watch their orphaned children become objects of public charity. The murder of these unarmed men has never been publicly rebuked by any authoritative officer of the state or federal government. _ John L. Lewis

266/ The fact that political ideologies are tangible realities is not a proof of their vitally necessary character. The bubonic plague was an extraordinarily powerful social reality, but no one would have regarded it as vitally necessary. _ Wilhelm Reich

267/ U.K. Athletics needs to develop a financial independence so it no longer has to be subject to the whim of politicians. If you are reliant on government, there is a big problem. _ Lynn Davies

268/ The NSA has different reporting requirements for each branch of government and each of its legal authorities. _ Barton Gellman

269/ The growing professional disciplines of medical ethics and bioethics have had a profound impact on researchers, bedside doctors, associations of physicians, and government. _ Sherwin B. Nuland

270/ Governments are composed of human beings, and all of the frailties that humans possess are absorbed into these governments and become active within these governments. Hatred, anger, jealousy, fear, greed, distrust and the whole host of afflictions that humans must bear, lurk just beneath the surface of civility displayed by 'government.' _ John McAfee

271/ The invisible hand of the market always moves faster and better than the heavy hand of government. _ Mitt Romney

272/ America needs jobs, smaller government, less spending and a president with the courage to offer more than yet another speech. _ Rick Perry

273/ We created the Cabinet Committee on the Environment to review the environmental implications of all government initiatives. I think what made us successful was the fact that it was a sustained approach. We did something new every year. _ Brian Mulroney

274/ Those on the downside of rising economic inequality generally do not want government policies that look like handouts. They typically do not want the government to make the tax system more progressive, to impose punishing taxes on the rich, in order to give the money to them. Redistribution feels demeaning. It feels like being labeled a failure. _ Robert J. Shiller

275/ In Japan, Taiwan and South Korea, the government in a matter of years has put a lot of energy behind recycling food waste as livestock feed. It's environmentally friendly, it provides cheap livestock feed for the farmers in those parts of the world, and it avoids sending the food waste to landfill. _ Tristram Stuart

276/ Building sustainable cities – and a sustainable future – will need open dialogue among all branches of national, regional and local government. And it will need the engagement of all stakeholders – including the private sector and civil society, and especially the poor and marginalized. _ Ban Ki – moon

277/ It was once said that the moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; and those who are in the shadows of life, the sick, the needy and the handicapped. _ Hubert H. Humphrey

278/ A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have. _ Gerald R. Ford

279/ No government ever voluntarily reduces itself in size. Government programs, once launched, never disappear. Actually, a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we'll ever see on this earth! _ Ronald Reagan

280/ Pakistan is rich in sporting talent, but the only thing needed is to have sincere and honest administrators who should be held accountable by the government. Pakistan should be recognised as a sporting nation and not as a terrorist country. _ Jahangir Khan

281/ The corporations don't have to lobby the government anymore. They are the government. _ Jim Hightower

282/ Many people want the government to protect the consumer. A much more urgent problem is to protect the consumer from the government. _ Milton Friedman

283/ Democracy gives every man the right to be his own oppressor. _ James Russell Lowell

284/ In September 2008, the two largest housing mortgage companies called Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which were government – sponsored enterprises, which hold hundreds of billions of dollars of mortgages, because of the losses they took on the mortgages, they essentially became insolvent, and the government had to take them over. _ Ben Bernanke

285/ That government is the strongest of which every man feels himself a part. _ Thomas Jefferson

286/ National sovereignty is an obligation as well as an entitlement. A government that will not perform the role of a government forfeits the rights of a government. _ Richard Perle

287/ There can, therefore, be no doubt that Presbyterians do carry out the principle that Church power vests in the Church itself, and that the people have a right to a substantive part in its discipline and government. _ Charles Hodge

288/ I would have been glad to have lived under my wood side, and to have kept a flock of sheep, rather than to have undertaken this government. _ Oliver Cromwell

289/ We all learn in school that the judicial, legislative and executive branches of government must check and balance each other. But other non state institutions must participate in this important system of checks and balances as well. These checking institutions include the academy, the media, religious institutions and NGOs. _ Alan Dershowitz

290/ It is manifest that the only security against the tyranny of the government lies in forcible resistance to the execution of the injustice; because the injustice will certainly be executed, unless it be forcibly resisted. _ Lysander Spooner

291/ You can look at the state of California, which is on a pathway to destruction because they expanded government too much, thinking that there would always be someone to pay for it. _ Greg Abbott

292/ A government capable of controlling the whole, and bringing its force to a point, is one of the prerequisites for national liberty. We combine in society, with an expectation to have our persons and properties defended against unreasonable exactions either at home or abroad. _ Oliver Ellsworth

293/ The great object of the institution of civil government is the improvement of those who are parties to the social compact. _ John Quincy Adams

294/ Government has to be cut back like asparagus… every day… or it gets away and goes to seed. Ours did. When there's too much of it, the flower becomes a weed. _ Paul Harvey

295/ If terror groups are to be defeated, it is national governments that will have to do so. In nations like India, governments will have to call on the patriotism of citizens to fight the terrorists. In a nation like Pakistan, the government will have to be persuaded to deal with those in their midst who are complicit. _ Bill Kristol

296/ The greatest bulwark against an overreaching government, as tyrants know, is a religious population. That is because religious people form communities of interest adverse to government control of their lives; religious communities rely on their families and each other rather than an overarching government utilizing force. _ Ben Shapiro

297/ Old forms of government finally grow so oppressive that they must be thrown off even at the risk of reigns of terror. _ Herbert Spencer

298/ My government is working for the common man. Our priority is the poor of the country. We want good governance through a dynamic and seamless government. _ Narendra Modi

299/ Let the people think they govern and they will be governed. _ William Penn

300/ Republican – led reforms would help Americans purchase their own coverage through the use of tax credits and expanded health savings accounts so that they can get a plan that works for them, not a one – size – fits – all plan forced on them by the government. _ Ronna McDaniel

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