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Đề Xuất 12/2022 # Tổng Hợp 1137 Câu Danh Ngôn Tiếng Anh (Age Quotes) Hay Nhất Và Ý Nghĩa Nhất (Phần 10) / 2023 # Top 18 Like

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1001/ As you age, your blood pressure tends to get higher. _ Michael Greger

1002/ It looks good when you see someone kicking at the age of 51 with no double. It's kinda cool for people to know that past 50 we can keep flexible. _ Jean – Claude Van Damme

1003/ A woman telling her true age is like a buyer confiding his final price to an Armenian rug dealer. _ Mignon McLaughlin

1004/ When I was as you are now, towering in the confidence of twenty – one, little did I suspect that I should be at forty – nine, what I now am. _ Sarah Orne Jewett

1005/ We have entered an age in which education is not just a luxury permitting some men an advantage over others. It has become a necessity without which a person is defenseless in this complex, industrialized society. We have truly entered the century of the educated man. _ Lyndon B. Johnson

1006/ It is not well to make great changes in old age. _ Charles Spurgeon

1007/ In America, people rarely stay in the town where they grew up, rarely stay in close proximity to their parents throughout their lives. You rarely find parents in their old age being taken care of by their children. _ Robert Benton

1008/ And almost every one, when age, Disease, or sorrows strike him, Inclines to think there is a God, Or something very like him. _ Arthur Hugh Clough

1009/ The idea of regretting not doing this seemed insane to me. Sitting in the corner at a bar at age 60, saying: 'I could've been Bond. Buy me a drink.' That's the saddest place I could be. At least now at 60 I can say: 'I was Bond. Now buy me a drink.' _ Daniel Craig

1010/ Young women from a very young age are taught that life will be easier if you can just turn on the charming smile and say very little and be complacent and docile and sweet. _ Amber Heard

1011/ I've always considered myself a fairly romantic person. I believe in love and falling in love at a young age. _ Mandy Moore

1012/ I remember, around age three, peas growing in the back garden. Pinching them from their pods and popping them in the mouth was my first realisation that food came from somewhere other than a shelf. _ Caitlin Moran

1013/ The most formative time of our lives are the years between birth and age 21, when we explore who we are and learn from those who surround us. _ Ben Shapiro

1014/ Everybody trusted Cronkite because he reminded them of their favorite uncle or trusted family physician. Being square in the age of the Beatles made Cronkite retro cool. _ Douglas Brinkley

1015/ When I was four, my mother insisted I get out of the car and find my own way home. Although I got lost, I did find my way home. It taught me the value of independence at an early age. _ Richard Branson

1016/ In an age where everything and everyone is linked through networks of glass and air, no one – no business, organization, government agency, country – is an island. We need to do right by all our stakeholders, and that's how you create value for shareholders. And one thing is for sure – no organization can succeed in a world that is failing. _ Don Tapscott

1017/ From an early age, music was my only thing. You come from Detroit, you learn how to make the most of what you can do best. _ Danny Brown

1018/ The golden age is before us, not behind us. _ Simon the Zealot

1019/ We have grown accustomed to the wonders of clean water, indoor plumbing, laser surgery, genetic engineering, artificial joints, replacement body parts, and the much longer lives that accompany them. Yet we should remember that the vast majority of humans ever born died before the age of 10 from an infectious disease. _ S. Jay Olshansky

1020/ When the child begins to think and to make use of the written language to express his rudimentary thinking, he is ready for elementary work; and this fitness is a question not of age or other incidental circumstance but of mental maturity. _ Maria Montessori

1021/ We were never supposed to live until 40. We were built to self – destruct at 30, whether from cancer or mental illness. We're all going way beyond our expiration date. _ Douglas Coupland

1022/ There is an anti – aging possibility, but it has to come from within. _ Susan Anton

1023/ I know that might sound silly coming from someone my age, but I remember on my 14th birthday having a crisis like my mom should be having. I kept thinking that I was getting older, and I haven't really accomplished anything. I remember thinking that I better accomplish something real soon. _ Q'orianka Kilcher

1024/ It is not sufficient for the young to devote their enthusiasm, their courage, their ambition, their self – sacrifice to the great ideas of the time; the young must not only preserve but increase their powers if they are to be really equal to their eternal task: that of drawing the age in advance. _ Ellen Key

1025/ There have been studies that clearly state that children who are exposed to arts education at a young age will in fact do markedly better in their SAT tests. _ Marvin Hamlisch

1026/ I went without health insurance until 'Roger & Me,' basically – from about age 20 till about age 35. With 'Roger & Me,' I joined the Directors Guild and the Writers Guild, and since then I've had excellent health care managed by the union. _ Michael Moore

1027/ Coming up in the Bay Area and being African American in a city that has a history of complex issues of violent crime, interaction with the police is always intense. That's something you have to learn. My mom taught me at a young age that if ever a cop stops you, you put your hands up and freeze – don't move. _ Ryan Coogler

1028/ The charm of history and its enigmatic lesson consist in the fact that, from age to age, nothing changes and yet everything is completely different. _ Aldous Huxley

1029/ When you start suppressing feelings at an early age, it hurts you down the road. Full expression of anger and pain is very important. _ Andrew Shue

1030/ I'm much more open to being a supporting actor right now. At the age of 60, I'll be second fiddle. Fine. I'm happy to do it. _ Robin Williams

1031/ Not to expose your true feelings to an adult seems to be instinctive from the age of seven or eight onwards. _ George Orwell

1032/ Do not go gentle into that good night but rage, rage against the dying of the light. _ Dylan Thomas

1033/ I'm happy to report that my inner child is still ageless. _ James Broughton

1034/ What though youth gave love and roses, Age still leaves us friends and wine. _ Thomas Moore

1035/ The stars shall fade away, the sun himself Grow dim with age, and nature sink in years, But thou shalt flourish in immortal youth, Unhurt amidst the wars of elements, The wrecks of matter, and the crush of worlds. _ Joseph Addison

1036/ Youth cannot know how age thinks and feels. But old men are guilty if they forget what it was to be young. _ J. K. Rowling

1037/ Middle age is when your broad mind and narrow waist begin to change places. _ E. Joseph Cossman

1038/ I was a little ham and was a very open kid, probably because I was around adults all the time. That also forced me to grow up fast, and I learned at an early age about how people lie and deceive each other. _ Seymour Cassel

1039/ Middle age is when your age starts to show around your middle. _ Bob Hope

1040/ Judges don't age; time decorates them. _ Enid Bagnold

1041/ Age is only a number, a cipher for the records. A man can't retire his experience. He must use it. Experience achieves more with less energy and time. _ Bernard Baruch

1042/ Nobody expects to trust his body overmuch after the age of fifty. _ Alexander Hamilton

1043/ I feel like I've reached an age where I can relax a little bit with the knowledge of what I've been through, take all that experience and use it. I love the challenge of trying to get back to where I've been, and beyond it. _ Cathy Freeman

1044/ Middle – age is the time of life, that a man first notices – in his wife. _ Richard Armour

1045/ Even all the top players going to Europe to play helps soccer in America, as do all the MLS players like Beckham and all that, they're trying to promote it. At the end of the day it's about getting the younger generation interested at an early age so most of them will move on and play. _ Ian Rush

1046/ Did you come of age in those sweet summers of the early nineteen – sixties, when the airwaves were full of rock and roll's doo – wop promise of joy and the nation was full of J.F.K.'s eloquent promise of a New Frontier? I did. Life seemed to be laid out before us like a banquet; everything was for the taking, especially hearts. _ John Lahr

1047/ I was trying to be 27 at age 47, but God had to get rid of my vanity. I had trouble letting go of the old Lex physically. My human fleshly nature didn't want to let go of what had come to be billed as 'The Total Package.' I guess God had to help me get rid of the last remnant of that vanity and pride. _ Lex Luger

1048/ Every work of art is the child of its age and, in many cases, the mother of our emotions. It follows that each period of culture produces an art of its own which can never be repeated. _ Wassily Kandinsky

1049/ I always have my Beats by Dr. Dre headphones turned up high. I'll probably be deaf by age 50. _ Rutina Wesley

1050/ There's something to be said for a disregard of fashion, but it has to be a carefully curated disregard. It works best, I think, on someone under 18. After the age of, say, 40, you can end up looking like a bag lady. _ Leon Max

1051/ Down through the ages, there has always been the spiritual path. It's been passed on – it always will be – and if anybody ever wants it in any age, it's always there. _ George Harrison

1052/ Knowing how to age and not being afraid of aging is very healthy. _ Evelyn Lauder

1053/ What makes us a bit nervous is, in this instant age, to release something that might take more than one listen. Where everything is instantly judged on YouTube or something! It's a bit like releasing a horse and cart on a racetrack. _ Chris Martin

1054/ I could cook from quite an early age – purely because I liked it. _ Jamie Oliver

1055/ In this age, I don't care how tactically or operationally brilliant you are: if you cannot create harmony – even vicious harmony – on the battlefield based on trust across service lines, across coalition and national lines, and across civilian/military lines, you need to go home, because your leadership is obsolete. _ James Mattis

1056/ Age does not matter if the matter does not age. _ Jean Paul

1057/ One of the many things nobody ever tells you about middle age is that it's such a nice change from being young. _ William Feather

1058/ It's amazing how, age after age, in country after country, and in all languages, Shakespeare emerges as incomparable. _ M. H. Abrams

1059/ I played guitar from the age of four or five. Every year there would be a slightly larger triangular box under the Christmas tree, until finally I got one that was big enough to make a proper sound. _ Johnny Marr

1060/ I've had two romances since moving to Las Vegas. One was with somebody 12 years older than me, and the other was the same age, and neither worked out. I know people still think of me as one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends, and he of course was much older than me, but that was a whole different lifestyle and a different kind of dating. _ Holly Madison

1061/ Ultimately, the only people who are in any way edified by hanging with famous people are you at the age of 11 and your mom. _ Adam McKay

1062/ I've yet to meet a bitter teenager. Bitterness, jealousy and jadedness, I think, are the most unattractive qualities in a person, and unfortunately they do seem to come with age. _ Jane Goldman

1063/ I hope to find the roles that are age appropriate but not yearning to be younger, or parenting ad nauseam. _ Debra Winger

1064/ I felt a tremendous sadness for men who can't deal with a woman of their own age. _ Michael Caine

1065/ I believe that investing in our children's development from the earliest age is the single most important contribution we can make to the health and wellbeing of our citizens, their capacity and the future prosperity of our state. _ Jay Weatherill

1066/ It is utterly false and cruelly arbitrary to put all the play and learning into childhood, all the work into middle age, and all the regrets into old age. _ Margaret Mead

1067/ I think the biggest disease the world suffers from in this day and age is the disease of people feeling unloved. I know that I can give love for a minute, for half an hour, for a day, for a month, but I can give. I am very happy to do that, I want to do that. _ Princess Diana

1068/ I don't think of myself as a poor deprived ghetto girl who made good. I think of myself as somebody who from an early age knew I was responsible for myself, and I had to make good. _ Oprah Winfrey

1069/ Better pass boldly into that other world, in the full glory of some passion, than fade and wither dismally with age. _ James Joyce

1070/ Jobs are a centuries – old concept created during the Industrial Revolution. Despite the reality that we're now deep in the Information Age, many people are studying for, or working at, or clinging to the Industrial Age idea of a safe, secure job. _ Robert Kiyosaki

1071/ A comfortable old age is the reward of a well – spent youth. Instead of its bringing sad and melancholy prospects of decay, it would give us hopes of eternal youth in a better world. _ Maurice Chevalier

1072/ I conclude, therefore, that this star is not some kind of comet or a fiery meteor… but that it is a star shining in the firmament itself one that has never previously been seen before our time, in any age since the beginning of the world. _ Tycho Brahe

1073/ But the age of chivalry is gone. That of sophisters, economists, and calculators has succeeded; and the glory of Europe is extinguished forever. _ Edmund Burke

1074/ You know you're getting old when all the names in your black book have M. D. after them. _ Harrison Ford

1075/ When a man understands the art of seeing, he can trace the spirit of an age and the features of a king even in the knocker on a door. _ Victor Hugo

1076/ No lying knight or lying priest ever prospered in any age, but especially not in the dark ones. Men prospered then only in following an openly declared purpose, and preaching candidly beloved and trusted creeds. _ John Ruskin

1077/ Sex at age 90 is like trying to shoot pool with a rope. _ George Burns

1078/ I began to understand my sensations, to know what I wanted, at around the age of forty – but only vaguely. _ Camille Pissarro

1079/ There are few things that we so unwillingly give up, even in advanced age, as the supposition that we still have the power of ingratiating ourselves with the fair sex. _ Samuel Johnson

1080/ 'Bombing Afghanistan back into the Stone Age' was quite a favourite headline for some wobbly liberals. The slogan does all the work. But an instant's thought shows that Afghanistan is being, if anything, bombed out of the Stone Age. _ Christopher Hitchens

1081/ I'll tell you something: my dad was a nuclear engineer and he was really bright, and I've always said that because of negotiating at such a young age with my dad, it was really such a gift because I could then negotiate with very difficult personalities – and not end up being the scapegoat. I learned to really pick and choose my battles. _ Faith Prince

1082/ Grandmasters decline with age. That's a given. There is nothing special about the age of 40, but age eventually takes its toll. That much is clear. Beyond that, it's about how long you can put off the effects and compensate for them. Mistakes will crop in, but you try to compensate for them with experience and hard work. _ Viswanathan Anand

1083/ When you are raised Catholic, there is one thing that you are confronted with at a young age, and that's death. You're confronted with all the big issues – and that sparks deep questions, like what the hell are we doing here, anyway? _ Martin Donovan

1084/ My father… removed from Kentucky to… Indiana, in my eighth year… It was a wild region, with many bears and other wild animals still in the woods. There I grew up… Of course when I came of age, I did not know much. Still somehow, I could read, write, and cipher… but that was all. _ Abraham Lincoln

1085/ At the age of 16, my father's father dropped dead of a heart attack. And I think it changed the course of his life, and he became fascinated with death. He then became a medical doctor and obviously fought death tooth and nail for his patients. _ Sally Mann

1086/ With age comes the understanding and appreciation of your most important asset, your health. _ Oprah Winfrey

1087/ Most fears are basic: fear of the dark, fear of going down in the basement, fear of weird sounds, fear that somebody is waiting for you in your closet. Those kinds of things stay with you no matter what age. _ R. L. Stine

1088/ Middle age is the awkward period when Father Time starts catching up with Mother Nature. _ Harold Coffin

1089/ Our responsibility in life is not to lie around and wait for things to happen. Our responsibility in life is to work. Life is getting out and getting things done. When people say they're over – the – hill at age 50, I don't understand it. _ Herschel Walker

1090/ Youth does not require reasons for living, it only needs pretexts. _ Jose Ortega y Gasset

1091/ You can construct the character of a man and his age not only from what he does and says, but from what he fails to say and do. _ Norman Douglas

1092/ At 19, everything is possible and tomorrow looks friendly. _ Jim Bishop

1093/ I think that ultimately your age is determined by your attitude. It's not the number; it's not how many wrinkles you have on your face. It's the energy that you project. _ Christie Brinkley

1094/ At my age, I'm not trying to score cool points. I'm just excited when I can speak to younger members of our audience in the WWE. I just get to be a superhero to kids, but I'm not trying to be on the cutting edge of style or anything like that. Once you reach that point of deprivation, you don't mind it. _ John Cena

1095/ Empathy is key in the design process, especially when you start expanding outside of your comfort zone to new languages, cultures, and age groups. If you try to assume what those people want, you're likely to get it wrong. _ Mike Krieger

1096/ I think it'd be wonderful if we could train young girls to be active in lots of ways and that they then wouldn't have to age at the same rate that they would if they were not more active. In other words, more physical fitness and not just the sporty kind, but the yoga, which is really important. _ Raquel Welch

1097/ I would often find myself, at the age of 21, at midnight, running down a dark street on my own with 10 men chasing me. And the fact they had cameras in their hands made that legal. _ Sienna Miller

1098/ The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm. _ Aldous Huxley

1099/ Old age comes on suddenly, and not gradually as is thought. _ Emily Dickinson

1100/ In the U.S., the '50s and '60s marked the documentary's golden age, especially at CBS, where pioneering television journalist Edward R. Murrow, immortalised in George Clooney's 'Good Night, and Good Luck,' produced such landmark investigations as the CBS Reports programme 'Hunger in America.' _ Naomi Wolf

Tổng Hợp 1137 Câu Danh Ngôn Tiếng Anh (Age Quotes) Hay Nhất Và Ý Nghĩa Nhất (Phần 1) / 2023

101/ China has leapfrogged into this information age, and Web users have grown very significantly, which knocked down the cost of doing the environmental transparency. _ Ma Jun

102/ I was a product of a divorced family and I used humor as a weapon to combat sadness. I used comedy to make my mother laugh in light of the darkness that she faced, and to me it became a very powerful tool at a very young age, at six. I saw how therapeutic it could be. _ Josh Gad

103/ I've been a fan of 'Rocky Horror'… my mom let me see it at a really early age. _ Christina Milian

104/ Age does not protect you from love. But love, to some extent, protects you from age. _ Anais Nin

105/ This will be the fourth time I've seen this film. I'm very proud of it and I think it's a great movie for women of any age. And almost every single man I've talked to has admitted to crying. _ Amber Tamblyn

106/ I have a theory that there are still parts of our mental worlds that are still based around the age of between five and eight, and we just kind of pretend to be grown – up. _ Kate Bush

107/ In youth we run into difficulties. In old age difficulties run into us. _ Josh Billings

108/ Old minds are like old horses; you must exercise them if you wish to keep them in working order. _ John Adams

109/ The ruling ideas of each age have ever been the ideas of its ruling class. _ Karl Marx

110/ Old age, believe me, is a good and pleasant thing. It is true you are gently shouldered off the stage, but then you are given such a comfortable front stall as spectator. _ Confucius

111/ We aren't in an information age, we are in an entertainment age. _ Tony Robbins

112/ A lot of the girls my age were impressed by silly stuff like money and fame. I wanted to be able to have intellectual and spiritual conversations with someone who was on the same page as me. _ Nick Cannon

113/ Let us embrace Science and the new technologies unfettered, for it is these which will liberate mankind from the myth of god, and free us from our age old fears, from disease, death and the sweat of labor. _ Claude Vorilhon

114/ My system is to be considered a system leading up, in a general way, to education. It can be followed not only in the education of little children from three to six years of age, but can be extended to children up to ten years of age. _ Maria Montessori

115/ It is sad to grow old but nice to ripen. _ Brigitte Bardot

116/ People who refuse to rest honorably on their laurels when they reach retirement age seem very admirable to me. _ Helen Hayes

117/ He who is of calm and happy nature will hardly feel the pressure of age, but to him who is of an opposite disposition youth and age are equally a burden. _ Plato

118/ The Atomic Age is here to stay – but are we? _ Bennett Cerf

119/ Incidentally, one of the most worrying problems in the impact of Western modernity on traditional culture is that it quite rapidly communicates its own indifference or anxiety or even hostility about age and ageing. _ Rowan Williams

120/ I'm not busy… a woman with three children under the age of 10 wouldn't think my schedule looked so busy. _ Garrison Keillor

121/ You get to a certain age where you prepare yourself for happiness. Sometimes you never remember to actually get happy. _ John Mayer

122/ Guitars have been the obsession of my life. I first picked one up at the age of four and I've been a guitar junkie ever since. _ Johnny Marr

123/ We're not in an information age anymore. We're in the information management age. _ Chris Hardwick

124/ I don't like it when people say, 'You're 45, so you should be wearing X and never Y.' For me, dressing is about attitude, not age. _ Twiggy

125/ We're past the age of heroes and hero kings… Most of our lives are basically mundane and dull, and it's up to the writer to find ways to make them interesting. _ John Updike

126/ Our age gives the more receptive among the young such a sense of social responsibility that one is inclined at times to fear that social interests may encroach upon individual development, that a knowledge of all the ills affecting the community may act as too powerful a damper on the joys of youth. _ Ellen Key

127/ We're in this incredible age where new brands are making people's lives easier, more convenient, more personalized. _ Aileen Lee

128/ A lot of people who start work at a very young age never grow up because they never got that opportunity to be a child, so they hold on to that and still do a lot of childish, silly things. _ Janet Jackson

129/ In fact, my courage and my bravery at a young age was the thing I was bullied for, a kind of 'Who do you think you are?' _ Lady Gaga

130/ I will never give in to old age until I become old. And I'm not old yet! _ Tina Turner

131/ The new age of terrorism isn't on the battlefield: it's in your own backyard. Whether it's at a concert in France or a restaurant in the United States, terrorism doesn't have to happen in a military installation by any stretch of the imagination. _ Bill Goldberg

132/ Youngsters of the age of two and three are endowed with extraordinary strength. They can lift a dog twice their own weight and dump him into the bathtub. _ Erma Bombeck

133/ A woman must make her fortune before she is 30; or work after she is 30; or get married. _ Anna Held

134/ There is a latent anger in a lot of people that went to boarding school at an early age. I was eight. And I loved it over the five years, but I think the adjustments for eight – year – olds are a lot. And I think it informs who you are for a long, long time. _ Damian Lewis

135/ At the age of 12, my parents gave me a chemistry set for Christmas, and experimentation soon became a consuming passion in my life. _ John Vane

136/ I also find it interesting that a lot of people in their 30s are not married and don't have kids. There are a lot of people in this age bracket that are out there dating and trying to find love. And I never thought that at my age I would be. _ John Stamos

137/ I played old men back in drama school. It's just now that I'm drawing level with the age of the characters I play, but I'm fine with that, and I've certainly never envied people who became hugely famous when they were young. _ Paul Giamatti

138/ I've always believed that government tends to screw up whatever it touches, but Obama in particular seemed different. He understood tech issues that left the other candidates bewildered. Part of it may be his age. But whatever the reason, I had real hope that he could help lead us into a new century of technology leadership and growth. _ Michael Arrington

139/ One problem with age is that patience begins to ebb. _ Carl Hiaasen

140/ Today when I think about diversity, I actually think about the word 'inclusion.' And I think this is a time of great inclusion. It's not men, it's not women alone. Whether it's geographic, it's approach, it's your style, it's your way of learning, the way you want to contribute, it's your age – it is really broad. _ Ginni Rometty

141/ Old age isn't a battle; old age is a massacre. _ Philip Roth

142/ America has been the country of my fond election from the age of thirteen, when I first saw it. I had the honour to hoist with my own hands the flag of freedom, the first time it was displayed, on the Delaware; and I have attended it with veneration ever since on the ocean. _ John Paul Jones

143/ Those who improve with age embrace the power of personal growth and personal achievement and begin to replace youth with wisdom, innocence with understanding, and lack of purpose with self – actualization. _ Bo Bennett

144/ Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been. _ Mark Twain

145/ None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm. _ Henry David Thoreau

146/ In a machine age, dressmaking is one of the last refuges of the human, the personal, the inimitable. _ Christian Dior

147/ I read all the time that people think I'm arrogant. They say I am cocky, a bad character. I had that from a young age. But when they meet me, they say, 'That image doesn't fit you.' _ Zlatan Ibrahimovic

148/ Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years. We grow old by deserting our ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul. _ Samuel Ullman

149/ Science cannot tell theology how to construct a doctrine of creation, but you can't construct a doctrine of creation without taking account of the age of the universe and the evolutionary character of cosmic history. _ John Polkinghorne

150/ I want to be part of the resurgence of things that are tangible, beautiful and soulful, rather than just give in to the digital age. But when I talk to people about this they just say, 'Yeah, I know what you mean,' and stare at their mobiles. _ Jack White

151/ Age merely shows what children we remain. _ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

152/ I'm not a real big text guy. I'm not really into this new age stuff. I don't twit or tweet, but I think face – to – face is a man thing. _ Jeff Fisher

153/ This is the patent age of new inventions for killing bodies, and for saving souls. All propagated with the best intentions. _ Lord Byron

154/ And so, at the age of thirty, I had successively disgraced myself with three fine institutions, each of which had made me free of its full and rich resources, had trained me with skill and patience, and had shown me nothing but forbearance and charity when I failed in trust. _ Simon Raven

155/ Industrialization based on machinery, already referred to as a characteristic of our age, is but one aspect of the revolution that is being wrought by technology. _ Emily Greene Balch

156/ O love, if I regret the age when one savors you, it is not for the hour of pleasure, but for the one that follows it. _ Jean – Jacques Rousseau

157/ People say women shouldn't have long hair over a certain age, but I've never done what everyone says. _ Jane Seymour

158/ I don't think people should do things because you know, 'I am turning this age, I must go have a husband.' If you find somebody and it works out then have kids, it's very nice. But if you don't, you don't. _ Zaha Hadid

159/ I was very curious about the world even at a young age, and I don't know at what point I became aware that other cultures believed in different religions, and my question was, 'Well, why don't they get to go to Heaven then?' _ Brad Pitt

160/ For the past 25 years as an adoption attorney, I have witnessed the extraordinary courage and compassion of women – from age 14 to 40 – facing unplanned pregnancy. Not once did I believe that the government should interfere with their personal and private decision. _ Ann McLane Kuster

161/ Oh, I had my gothy phase, but I was never a troublemaker or anything like that. I was a little bit introspective, a little bit morbid. I was small for my age, so I was bullied and that kind of stuff. _ Ariel Pink

162/ Both old and young alike ought to seek wisdom: the former in order that, as age comes over him, he may be young in good things because of the grace of what has been, and the latter in order that, while he is young, he may at the same time be old, because he has no fear of the things which are to come. _ Epicurus

163/ Every formula of every religion has in this age of reason, to submit to the acid test of reason and universal assent. _ Mahatma Gandhi

164/ The advantage of age is that you swap youth for wisdom. You're so full of insecurities when you're young. 'Who am I? What do I have to do for people to like me?' You get caught up in things. You get very emotional about things. _ Cherie Lunghi

165/ As we grow older, our bodies get shorter and our anecdotes longer. _ Robert Quillen

166/ When kids my age were picking up toy cars, I used to buy toy guns. _ Gagan Narang

167/ Oh rage! Oh despair! Oh age, my enemy! _ Pierre Corneille

168/ Every age needs men who will redeem the time by living with a vision of the things that are to be. _ Adlai E. Stevenson

169/ No man is ever old enough to know better. _ Holbrook Jackson

170/ I think it's your mental attitude. So many of us start dreading age in high school and that's a waste of a lovely life. 'Oh… I'm 30, oh, I'm 40, oh, 50.' Make the most of it. _ Betty White

171/ Even though my father was a radio comedian, it wasn't cool to say, at a young age, 'I want to be a comedian.' _ Albert Brooks

172/ One of the main secrets to staying young is staying healthy. I've sometimes had to suppress a smile when some young lady, who has obviously not taken care of herself through diet or exercise, says admiringly, 'Ooh, I hope I look as good as you do when I'm your age!' Although it's intended to be complimentary, it's actually a back – hander. _ Joan Collins

173/ When I read 'Stand By Me,' it was like, 'This is a look back at the same time period when I was growing up, and it was about kids, but it really felt like what it was like to have those powerful feelings of friendship at age 12.' That's what got to me. _ Rob Reiner

174/ In an instant, the law was transformed: from the last passenger on the safe – haven bandwagon to a pioneer into uncharted territory. For the first time in American history, it was not only legal to relinquish a baby; in Nebraska, it was okay to abandon any child of any age for any reason at any time – with the full protection of the law. _ Wil S. Hylton

175/ In youth we learn; in age we understand. _ Marie von Ebner – Eschenbach

176/ The denunciation of the young is a necessary part of the hygiene of older people, and greatly assists the circulation of the blood. _ Logan Pearsall Smith

177/ I knew from the age of five what I wanted to do. The one thing I could do was draw. I couldn't draw that much better than some of the other kids, but I cared more and I wanted it badly. _ Chuck Close

178/ I could imagine at a certain age, when I have no vocal cords left, that I would find a young man who could sing my parts for me. But I don't see why I would stop. _ David Bowie

179/ When marrying, ask yourself this question: Do you believe that you will be able to converse well with this person into your old age? Everything else in marriage is transitory. _ Friedrich Nietzsche

180/ I don't need you to remind me of my age. I have a bladder to do that for me. _ Stephen Fry

181/ Love has no age, no limit; and no death. _ John Galsworthy

182/ Whether you are just entering the workforce or nearing retirement age, planning for the future is critical. _ Ron Lewis

183/ In this digital age, it doesn't really matter if you are in Canary Wharf or the Caribbean; there are opportunities waiting to be grasped by entrepreneurs. _ Richard Branson

184/ Lord save us all from old age and broken health and a hope tree that has lost the faculty of putting out blossoms. _ Mark Twain

185/ For the moment I prefer to be a beautiful woman of my age than try desperately to look 30. _ Demi Moore

186/ New needs need new techniques. And the modern artists have found new ways and new means of making their statements… the modern painter cannot express this age, the airplane, the atom bomb, the radio, in the old forms of the Renaissance or of any other past culture. _ Jackson Pollock

187/ To keep the heart unwrinkled, to be hopeful, kindly, cheerful, reverent – that is to triumph over old age. _ Thomas Bailey Aldrich

188/ The age of chivalry is past. Bores have succeeded to dragons. _ Charles Dickens

189/ One keeps forgetting old age up to the very brink of the grave. _ Sidonie Gabrielle Colette

190/ I always sensed instinctively from the earliest age that I was being lied to. _ Richard Linklater

191/ I can't wait to be that age and hanging out with a bunch of people hanging out all day playing golf and going to the beach, all my own age. We'd be laughing and having a good time and getting loopy on our prescription drugs. Driving golf carts around. I can't wait. _ Cameron Diaz

192/ Canada has a passive – aggressive culture, with a lot of sarcasm and righteousness. That went with my weird messianic complex. The ego is a fascinating monster. I was taught from a young age that I had to serve, so that turned into me thinking I had to save the planet. _ Alanis Morissette

193/ I am firmly of the opinion that women who make a lot of effort to hang onto their looks in middle age (unless they are beauties, entertainers or prostitutes) are rather sad, as one should surely have something more substantial to recommend one by this time, such as kindness or cleverness. _ Julie Burchill

194/ It used to cost money to disclose and distribute information. In the digital age it costs money not to. _ Heather Brooke

195/ I've dealt with losing close ones before, and I've been around friends that have lost friends at a young age. I think it's important to think about – not necessarily death, but about life and think about where you're going and how you want to be remembered and the legacy you want to leave. _ Scotty McCreery

196/ I think it is absolutely crazy in this day and age that I have to go through a trial and error method to see if my child is allergic to an antibiotic or peanuts. I should just know. _ Anne Wojcicki

197/ Why do so many children love the idea of being snowed in or shipwrecked, of having to survive on one's own? When I was a child, I was no exception. I wanted to hunt with a bow and arrow like the Stone Age people: to skin deer and build my own shelter. And I desperately wanted a wolf. As we lived in London, my options were limited. _ Michelle Paver

198/ Decades of futile effort have not dampened my bold aspirations to save the nation. Born in a late age, I have not been able to witness the golden rule of Yao and Shun and other sage emperors of ancient China. Instead, my heart grieves at the suffering of the Chinese people under the cruel exploitation of the Tartar Slaves. _ Sun Yat – sen

199/ Age has given me the gift of me; it just gave me what I was always longing for, which was to get to be the woman I've already dreamt of being. Which is somebody who can do rest and do hard work and be a really constant companion, a constant, tender – hearted wife to myself. _ Anne Lamott

200/ I would have loved to have been a footballer like my great uncle Matt Busby, but I knew quite early on that I wasn't going to make the grade. Luckily I was told by the age of 13 that I wasn't good enough. That's not a bad thing. You see this 'X Factor' generation of kids now who don't accept that they're not good enough. _ Brendan Coyle

Tổng Hợp 1137 Câu Danh Ngôn Tiếng Anh (Age Quotes) Hay Nhất Và Ý Nghĩa Nhất (Phần Đầu) / 2023

1/ There is a plan and a purpose, a value to every life, no matter what its location, age, gender or disability. _ Sharron Angle

2/ I'm very mature for my age, but I'm also innocent in a lot of ways. _ Kirsten Dunst

3/ My dad encouraged us to fail. Growing up, he would ask us what we failed at that week. If we didn't have something, he would be disappointed. It changed my mindset at an early age that failure is not the outcome, failure is not trying. Don't be afraid to fail. _ Sara Blakely

4/ The age I'm at now, you go from being a young girl to suddenly you blossom into a woman. You ripen, you know? And then you start to rot. _ Liv Tyler

5/ The thing is, I really can't relate to anyone my own age. Not in a superior way – an inferior way, if anything. Socially, I have no idea what my friends are talking about. I don't listen to any new music. I feel very secluded. _ Michael Cera

6/ I was taught from a young age that many people would treat me as a second – class citizen because I was African – American and because I was female. _ Queen Latifah

7/ Let no one be slow to seek wisdom when he is young nor weary in the search of it when he has grown old. For no age is too early or too late for the health of the soul. _ Epicurus

8/ I don't feel old. I don't feel anything till noon. That's when it's time for my nap. _ Bob Hope

9/ It's disturbing at my age to look at a young woman's destructive behaviour and hear the echoes of it, of one's own destructiveness in youth. _ Helen Garner

10/ The heresy of one age becomes the orthodoxy of the next. _ Helen Keller

11/ There is no absurdity so palpable but that it may be firmly planted in the human head if you only begin to inculcate it before the age of five, by constantly repeating it with an air of great solemnity. _ Arthur Schopenhauer

12/ The themes Poe used were universal and timeless. As long as the English language exists at all, we will be able to appreciate what he did. It will not age! It will not become dated! _ John Astin

13/ America doesn't reward people of my age, either in day – to – day life or for their performances. _ Meryl Streep

14/ Intelligent life on a planet comes of age when it first works out the reason for its own existence. _ Richard Dawkins

15/ My first seven novels were contemporary spiritual novels, my next nine had strong elements of fantasy, and now I'm writing thrillers, more as a choice to spread my wings than anything. Writers, like good wine, should mature with age. _ Ted Dekker

16/ One of the most startling events in my life was when my older son was about 16, and he blamed me for all the troubles of the world. So I, I felt like telling him, 'Oh no, I was just like you when I was your age; I wanted to change the world, too.' _ Robert Fogel

17/ I think that each woman, whatever age, needs to recognize something good in her body. Someone has beautiful legs, someone has beautiful hair, someone else has beautiful decolletage or a beautiful waist or beautiful hands. Everyone has something great. _ Carine Roitfeld

18/ Age – class running, as you know, is completely unreliable. It's based on this artificial thing, which is that people who are the same age have the same level of physical maturity. Which just isn't true. _ Malcolm Gladwell

19/ Dr. Ben Carson has the most moving personal narrative in modern presidential politics. His mother, one of 24 children, had only a third – grade education. She was married at age 13, bore Ben and his brother, and then raised the boys as an impoverished single mother in Detroit. As a young boy, Carson was a terrible student. _ Nicholas Kristof

20/ Fifty years would seem to be time enough to prepare a definitive history of the Second World War. In an age of instant data – gathering, one might think that the historians could have arrived at a consensus for interpreting the main events of the war. In reality, no such consensus exists. _ Norman Davies

21/ Old age realizes the dreams of youth: look at Dean Swift; in his youth he built an asylum for the insane, in his old age he was himself an inmate. _ Soren Kierkegaard

22/ A lot of my childhood memories involve walking home in floods of tears. At that age, feeling unpopular is difficult to handle. _ Rachel Stevens

23/ I feel the 21st century is another new age. Not only can we collaborate again with nature, but we have to. It's an emergency. _ Bjork

24/ What I find sad is that the New Age movement is primarily a commercial undertaking. But it is answering to a human need. _ Laura Esquivel

25/ There are only two things a child will share willingly; communicable diseases and its mother's age. _ Benjamin Spock

26/ Age is not a particularly interesting subject. Anyone can get old. All you have to do is live long enough. _ Don Marquis

27/ As I'm traveling around, I meet many small children. And when I look at a small and think how we've harmed this beautiful planet since I was that age, I feel a kind of desperation, anger, shame. I don't know what I feel; I just don't know what the emotion is. _ Jane Goodall

28/ I didn't feel the need to rebel as a teenager. From age nine to 16, I went to school in Montreux in Switzerland, and it was heaven. I went to England for the Easter holidays, Cyprus for Christmas and summer holidays, and I was delighted to have that independence. _ Angela Bowie

29/ I've dated men my age, younger than me and older. The only difference is the young ones are quicker at taking out the garbage. _ Lara Flynn Boyle

30/ In the media age, everybody was famous for 15 minutes. In the Wikipedia age, everybody can be an expert in five minutes. Special bonus: You can edit your own entry to make yourself seem even smarter. _ Stephen Colbert

31/ I feel like a lot of the female relationships I see on TV or in movies are in some way free of the kind of jealousy and anxiety and posturing that has been such a huge part of my female friendships, which I hope lessens a little bit with age. _ Lena Dunham

32/ There's nothing to be gained, and much to be lost, in trying to bend every child to match a one – size – fits – all notion of what it means to be a boy or girl of a specific age. Better to set a few parameters and then go with the flow. Call it 'jazz parenting.' _ Ezekiel Emanuel

33/ My mother inspired me to treat others as I would want to be treated regardless of age, race or financial status. _ Tommy Hilfiger

34/ I never took guitar lessons. I took classical piano lessons from the age of six when we lived in Holland. And when we moved to America, it was just the typical thing except I was really good at it; so was my brother. _ Eddie Van Halen

35/ Romance isn't measured by how viral your proposal goes. The Internet age may try to sell you something different, but don't ever forget that viral is closely associated with sickness – so don't ever make being viral your goal. _ Ann Voskamp

36/ Age is a case of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it don't matter. _ Satchel Paige

37/ Some age, others mature. _ Sean Connery

38/ The age in which we live, this non – stop distraction, is making it more impossible for the young generation to ever have the curiosity or discipline… because you need to be alone to find out anything. _ Vivienne Westwood

39/ Thomas Jefferson once said, 'We should never judge a president by his age, only by his works.' And ever since he told me that, I stopped worrying. _ Ronald Reagan

40/ The potential for the abuse of power through digital networks – upon which we the people now depend for nearly everything, including our politics – is one of the most insidious threats to democracy in the Internet age. _ Rebecca MacKinnon

41/ Age considers; youth ventures. _ Rabindranath Tagore

42/ It's a hard thing to age a character because you can't really suddenly give someone gray hair. _ Alison Bechdel

43/ Age is not measured by years. Nature does not equally distribute energy. Some people are born old and tired while others are going strong at seventy. _ Dorothy Thompson

44/ We pay when old for the excesses of youth. _ J. B. Priestley

45/ In the first three years of life, the foundations of physical and also of psychic health are laid. In these years, the child not only increases in size but passes through great transformations. This is the age in which language and movement develop. The child must be safeguarded in order that these activities may develop freely. _ Maria Montessori

46/ What Youth deemed crystal, Age finds out was dew. _ Robert Browning

47/ The Word of fire burns today On the lips of our prophets in an evil age. _ Margaret Walker

48/ No, no, I was only funny on stage, really. I, I, think I was funny as a person toward my classmates when I was very young. You know, when I was a child, up to about the age of 12. _ Rowan Atkinson

49/ It is my art. I am better at it than I ever was. And I will do it as long as I can. When you reach a certain age you can slough off what is unnecessary and concentrate on what is. And why not? _ Arthur Miller

50/ I've had to be a man since I was 12 or 13. I had a job. And I was playing the piano for people twice my age. Handling responsibility is what makes a man a man. _ Jamie Foxx

51/ There are things that tend to moderate with age. Schizophrenia is somewhat like that. _ John Forbes Nash, Jr.

52/ By four years of age, the average child in a family receiving public assistance has heard about 13 million words, compared to 45 million for a child from a wealthier family. The disadvantages developed during their first four years are usually still present in high school. _ Sal Albanese

53/ Although I sometimes enjoy writing from an adult's perspective, I feel dedicated to the coming of age story – that part of a young person's life where he must make a decision that will change his life forever. I still remember what it's like to be twelve years old. _ Kimberly Willis Holt

54/ There was a point where there was a vision that we'll get to a certain age, and then we'll retire and be happy. Now that's like, that's being compromised every day. So I think we have to start living happy now and stop waiting for the forty years because by then you'll be so sick, you wouldn't enjoy it anyway. _ Bruce Lipton

55/ From the age of 14 to about 20, I bombarded record companies and DJs with my demos. I was desperate to get it out there. Most of the time, I got nothing back. _ Calvin Harris

56/ My habit would have been to veer towards the dark – to prove I was something; edgy, or maybe to prove that I was cognisant of the dark side. Now, with age and confidence, I can say, yeah, that's true, but I am cognisant of the fact that people can do things well. And can be more loving than you expect. _ George Saunders

57/ People do not realize that Alzheimer's is not old age. It is a progressive and fatal disease and staggering amounts of people develop Alzheimer's every day. _ Melina Kanakaredes

58/ Forty is the old age of youth, fifty is the youth of old age. _ Hosea Ballou

59/ I had this desire to see the world. I couldn't see any of it, but I saw it in my imagination, and that's why I always read books, and I could go to Mars or Middle Earth or the Hyborian age. _ George R. R. Martin

60/ In old age we are like a batch of letters that someone has sent. We are no longer in the past, we have arrived. _ Knut Hamsun

61/ Invention is the talent of youth, as judgment is of age. _ Jonathan Swift

62/ When a noble life has prepared old age, it is not decline that it reveals, but the first days of immortality. _ Muriel Spark

63/ From a certain age, I sort of accepted myself for what I was. And although to other people it was like nothing ever goes right, I had a really nice attitude that I'd inherited from my parents, and especially from my dad. _ Johnny Vegas

64/ I was labeled at a young age – Miss Unemotional, Miss Cool, and that would carry over to my press conferences. _ Chris Evert

65/ I'd call my work 'instinctual design.' I like to find the spirit of a piece that defies time, age, and occasion. My clothes give the wearer the chance to develop their own voice within a wardrobe, and I think of them as curators of their personal style. _ Chris Benz

66/ I sacrificed a lot, in terms of friendship and family, from working so much at such a young age, but I wouldn't be where I am if I hadn't. _ Sasha Grey

67/ The mental capacity of a person to make reasonable contracts, is the only criterion, by which to determine his legal capacity to make obligatory contracts. And his mental capacity to make reasonable contracts is certainly not to be determined by the fact that he is, or is not, twenty – one years of age. _ Lysander Spooner

68/ Youth is in a grand flush, like the hot days of ending summer; and pleasant dreams thrall your spirit, like the smoky atmosphere that bathes the landscape of an August day. _ Donald G. Mitchell

69/ Surrounding myself with beautiful women keeps me young. _ Hugh Hefner

70/ Our thoughts are mainly controlled by our subconscious, which is largely formed before the age of 6, and you cannot change the subconscious mind by just thinking about it. _ Bruce Lipton

71/ From a very young age, I suspected there was more to my world than I could see: somewhere in the streets of Istanbul, in a house resembling ours, there lived another Orhan so much like me he could pass for my twin, even my double. _ Orhan Pamuk

72/ You can't help getting older, but you don't have to get old. _ George Burns

73/ Legend: A lie that has attained the dignity of age. _ H. L. Mencken

74/ No sociologist should think himself too good, even in his old age, to make tens of thousands of quite trivial computations in his head and perhaps for months at a time. _ Max Weber

75/ Setting a good example for your children takes all the fun out of middle age. _ William Feather

76/ From a young age, I learned to focus on the things I was good at and delegate to others what I was not good at. That's how Virgin is run. Fantastic people throughout the Virgin Group run our businesses, allowing me to think creatively and strategically. _ Richard Branson

77/ The information age has ushered in a networked and interdependent world, one in which challenges and opportunities appear and disappear faster than traditional organizational models can manage. _ Chris Fussell

78/ In this age of media and Internet access, we are much more talkative than ever before. _ David Duchovny

79/ Hesitation increases in relation to risk in equal proportion to age. _ Ernest Hemingway

80/ What most persons consider as virtue, after the age of 40 is simply a loss of energy. _ Voltaire

81/ One of the delights known to age, and beyond the grasp of youth, is that of Not Going. _ Anthony Burgess

82/ Old age is not a matter for sorrow. It is matter for thanks if we have left our work done behind us. _ Thomas Carlyle

83/ You are 27 or 28 right? It is very tough to live at that age. When nothing is sure. I have sympathy with you. _ Haruki Murakami

84/ Age is the first limitation on roles that I've ever had to encounter, and I hit that awhile ago. _ Jack Nicholson

85/ Music has always been my protection against the world, from a very young age. I feel safe inside of a jam. _ Trey Anastasio

86/ I probably wouldn't be a songwriter if I didn't grow up the way I did. It was difficult and it was at times very scary to grow up in a household so unsettled and at times very violent. But, it also, I guess it earned me a sort of wisdom at a young age that's served me well. _ Ray LaMontagne

87/ My career plan at this point is 'Ice Age 5' through '10,' and even '12,' and 'Spider Man' – you know, basically I'd be Emma Stone's dad for the rest of my career. I really don't have any problem doing that. _ Denis Leary

88/ At some point in every person's life, you will need an assisted medical device – whether it's your glasses, your contacts, or as you age and you have a hip replacement or a knee replacement or a pacemaker. The prosthetic generation is all around us. _ Aimee Mullins

89/ I was born three weeks early, and I kept being ill. From the age of zero to four, I was always in hospital having tests done, but they couldn't find out what was wrong. They discovered that one of my kidneys wasn't working properly, and it had scarred. I had to have 32 injections in my arm in the morning and evening to try and make me better. _ Liam Payne

90/ I wanted to write a very simple story about a boy, a wolf, a girl, a bear and a forest, so I thought I might set it in the past. I didn't realise that it went back to when I was 10: I used to love the Stone Age when I was a kid and wanted to live in it, and I got rid of my bed and slept on the floor, but I didn't remember it. _ Michelle Paver

91/ I have no desire to be a centenarian. I think 90 is a great time. You've had a good innings. You have to deal with the cards that have been dealt, of course, but I don't think very old age, if you haven't got your marbles, can be very nice. _ Mary Berry

92/ At the age of four with paper hats and wooden swords we're all Generals. Only some of us never grow out of it. _ Peter Ustinov

93/ Not just in commerce but in the world of ideas too our age is putting on a veritable clearance sale. Everything can be had so dirt cheap that one begins to wonder whether in the end anyone will want to make a bid. _ Soren Kierkegaard

94/ I smoke ten to fifteen cigars a day. At my age I have to hold on to something. _ George Burns

95/ I grew up in Burbank – but not the Burbank of valet parking and TV studios. In the late 1950s, there was a small apartment complex on Elmwood Avenue that rented mostly to families on welfare. I lived there from age 3 to 11 and again from 14 to 18 with my mother, Shirley, and my younger sister, Toni. _ Rene Russo

96/ Wisdom doesn't necessarily come with age. Sometimes age just shows up all by itself. _ Tom Wilson

97/ When I turned 60, it didn't bother me at all. _ Yoko Ono

98/ I find that a man is as old as his work. If his work keeps him from moving forward, he will look forward with the work. _ William Ernest Hocking

99/ Here comes 40. I'm feeling my age and I've ordered the Ferrari. I'm going to get the whole mid – life crisis package. _ Keanu Reeves

100/ At the age of eight, I discovered that I could write songs. My dad used to take them to the notary and register them so that nobody could steal them from me. _ Shakira

Tổng Hợp 1137 Câu Danh Ngôn Tiếng Anh (Age Quotes) Hay Nhất Và Ý Nghĩa Nhất (Phần 3) / 2023

301/ I think that property is very important in this day and age. It defines you; you worked hard to get it. It's meaningful to you, and when you divorce, a lot of people have a lot of battles over their property for good reasons. _ Helen Fisher

302/ Don't allow old traditions to become permanent mental scripts for managing your life in the present. Reason: you will not be able to transform yourself to think differently and be better as you grow with age and maturity. _ Darren L Johnson

303/ What's interesting about the shift from an industrial age to a technological age is that we keep inventing new media: movies, records, radio, television, the Internet, and now ebooks – and one of the things that's most interesting about the invention of a new medium is watching it reinvent itself as it penetrates the culture. _ David Gerrold

304/ Dad always explained the car engine when he repaired it, and he had many technical books, so I was making electromagnets by age eight as well as reading my mother's medical and nursing books. I suspect I was born with a boundless curiosity, and this was encouraged through my childhood. _ Barry Marshall

305/ I was made fun of at a young age. I would fight a lot in the streets, and it has a lot to do with the way I am today. It helped my development as a fighter, but what can I say? _ Canelo Alvarez

306/ A man growing old becomes a child again. _ Sophocles

307/ I grew up on a farm in Oregon, an adopted child, with one sibling, and parents the age of all my peers' grandparents. We lived in isolation from the people around us, and it was always a struggle to cope with as a child. The heart can really expire under those conditions. I always felt like I was looking at the world from the outside. _ Larry Harvey

308/ This age thinks better of a gilded fool Than of a threadbare saint in wisdom's school. _ Thomas Dekker

309/ Only by keeping oneself in constant process of growth, under the constant influence of the best things in one's own age, does one become a companion halfway good enough for one's children. _ Ellen Key

310/ It is sobering to consider that when Mozart was my age he had already been dead for a year. _ Tom Lehrer

311/ I'm not interested in age. People who tell me their age are silly. You're as old as you feel. _ Henri Frederic Amiel

312/ What is amazing for a woman of my age is that I change as the world is changing – and changing very, very fast. I don't think my mother had that opportunity to change. _ Jeanne Moreau

313/ I really think we should pass a law in every state, I don't care whether it takes the independence away from an old person or not. You shouldn't be driving a car if you're over the age of 80. Maybe even less than that. _ Evel Knievel

314/ I've been sailing from the age of 2, and apparently, when I was 4, I told my dad, 'I know how to do this; you don't have to come with me anymore.' _ Nathan Outteridge

315/ The Good Friday Agreement was an incredible breakthrough. But it's my view that the Hillsborough Agreement could see politics in the north come of age, and see us all move forwards on the basis of equality and partnership. _ Martin McGuinness

316/ For some reason I can't explain, artist and musicians tend to look younger than our age. Being in music, you need this youthful sense of discovery and wonder for what you're doing and keep your imagination open. That's a youthful way of looking at life and I think that reflects in how you age. _ Joshua Bell

317/ Lives are saved when those potential killers are confronted by a police officer, a strong police presence and actual, honest – to – goodness, up – close 'What are you guys doing on this corner at 1 o'clock in the morning' policing. We need to be careful it doesn't drift away from us in the age of viral videos, or there will be profound consequences. _ James Comey

318/ Whatever poet, orator or sage may say of it, old age is still old age. _ Sinclair Lewis

319/ I think computer science, by and large, is still stuck in the Modern age. _ Larry Wall

320/ Regardless of your marital status, your age, or the language you speak, you are a beloved spirit daughter of Heavenly Father who is destined to play a critical part in the onward movement of the gospel kingdom. _ Sheri L. Dew

321/ I'm not afraid of aging. _ Shelley Duvall

322/ Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength. _ Betty Friedan

323/ I think the thing I miss most in our age is our manners. It sounds so old – fashioned in a way. But even bad people had good manners in the old days, and manners hold a community together, and manners hold a family together; in a way, they hold the world together. _ Nancy Friday

324/ Childhood: the period of human life intermediate between the idiocy of infancy and the folly of youth – two removes from the sin of manhood and three from the remorse of age. _ Ambrose Bierce

325/ You can judge your age by the amount of pain you feel when you come in contact with a new idea. _ Pearl S. Buck

326/ At three years of age, the child has already laid the foundations of the human personality and needs the special help of education in the school. The acquisitions he has made are such that we can say the child who enters school at three is an old man. _ Maria Montessori

327/ Anything you cannot relinquish when it has outlived its usefulness possesses you, and in this materialistic age a great many of us are possessed by our possessions. _ Peace Pilgrim

328/ The rewards for biotechnology are tremendous – to solve disease, eliminate poverty, age gracefully. It sounds so much cooler than Facebook. _ George M. Church

329/ Old age is a shipwreck. _ Charles de Gaulle

330/ Well, I was always really mature for my age. I'm an above – age reader. I'm not trying to come off like, 'I have a high IQ number. My parents gave me the test.' That's the way I was, I guess. I am still a kid. I love doing kid activities. I'm such a kid, but when I'm on set, I do like to be professional. _ Atticus Shaffer

331/ Books were my pass to personal freedom. I learned to read at age three, and soon discovered there was a whole world to conquer that went beyond our farm in Mississippi. _ Oprah Winfrey

332/ Each moment of a happy lover's hour is worth an age of dull and common life. _ Aphra Behn

333/ My mother said I was a clingy kid until I was about four. I also remember that from the age of eight she and I fought almost every day. _ Amy Tan

334/ Age acquires no value save through thought and discipline. _ James Truslow Adams

335/ Swing voters are more appropriately known as the 'idiot voters' because they have no set of philosophical principles. By the age of fourteen, you're either a Conservative or a Liberal if you have an IQ above a toaster. _ Ann Coulter

336/ My dad says that when I was two or three I used to go out dressed as a different character every day. I remember thinking it was perfectly normal to wear different coloured shoes and carry a pink umbrella. But now I've got a goddaughter of that age; I realise it's not normal at all. _ Alice Eve

337/ My father came to Chennai at the age of 16 from a village in Coimbatore. He was an artist and was clear he wanted to do something, so he came to Chennai and joined an art course for eight years before he came into films. _ Suriya

338/ The big reason that 'Doctor Who' is still with us is that every single viewer who ever turned in to watch this show, at any age, at any time in its history, took it into their heart – because 'Doctor Who' belongs to all of us. Everyone made 'Doctor Who.' _ Peter Capaldi

339/ I grew up with the great Sir Laurence Olivier, and I think it's fair to say that a lot of actors of my age were influenced by his very individual vocal delivery. He was a showman who would always play to the gallery. _ Ian Holm

340/ Drumming completely eclipsed my life from age 13, when I started drum lessons. Everything disappeared. I'd done well in school up until that time. I was fairly adjusted socially up until that time. And I became completely monomania, obsessed all through my teens. Nothing else existed anymore. _ Neil Peart

341/ I love high heels from the age of 10! Short skirts and then high heels. My classmates used to make fun of me. Like, 'Ooh, she's so skinny and she's wearing high heels.' But I just wore what I like, and I didn't care about people's opinions, the same as I don't care now. _ Irina Shayk

342/ I'm at the age now where just putting my cigar in its holder is a thrill. _ George Burns

343/ We live in a beauty – obsessed age and success sometimes appears to hinge solely on the presentation of an image that is acceptable to the press. _ Douglas Booth

344/ I've always been intrigued by color and by interesting hair. I was one of those weird little girls doing my own hair at the age of 9. I was, like, getting weird gels and new brushes and cornrow holders. I would tweak and perm at the age of 13. _ Nicki Minaj

345/ I now have Grit Scale scores from thousands of American adults. My data provide a snapshot of grit across adulthood. And I've discovered a strikingly consistent pattern: grit and age go hand in hand. Sixty – somethings tend to be grittier, on average, than fifty – somethings, who are in turn grittier than forty – somethings, and so on. _ Angela Duckworth

346/ There is no doubt that someone who tries to throw a curve or pitch at any early age before he's developed, before his hand is big enough to grip the ball correctly, will damage his arm. _ Robin Roberts

347/ The really frightening thing about middle age is the knowledge that you'll grow out of it. _ Doris Day

348/ When you get frisked by the police at the age of 10, and they empty your schoolbag out in the street and kick your books around and calling you names because of where you live, you just get an anger towards everyone who is outside of your neighborhood. _ Lukas Forchhammer

349/ In fact, technology has been the story of human progress from as long back as we know. In 100 years people will look back on now and say, 'That was the Internet Age.' And computers will be seen as a mere ingredient to the Internet Age. _ Reed Hastings

350/ I've been dating younger men since my 20s, When I was 29, I dated someone 21… younger men are just more fun. I like their energy. I've always been kind of young for my age. _ Dana Delany

351/ Although I'm not an orphan and I can't lift a horse. I was, however, briefly famous for my feats of strength: at about age 11, I could competitively arm – wrestle a full – grown man. _ Lisa Lutz

352/ I am involved in a lot of nonprofits. And when I reached the ripe old age of 60, I wanted to provide leadership to some I had been involved in. _ David Rubenstein

353/ When you bat, you need to have a lot of patience. I started training for it from the age of eight or nine. So, I knew what I needed when I stepped on the field to bat. _ Mohammad Azharuddin

354/ The way it works in our family is, it's the family business. Much like in the Mafia. Every child is given the opportunity to act at a young age and to learn what it's like to be in the business. _ Jordan Bridges

355/ At my age, no one is married, no one has kids, no one has a career. _ Lena Dunham

356/ No matter what age you are, there's a lot of room for learning. _ Tony Bennett

357/ Try to keep your soul young and quivering right up to old age. _ George Sand

358/ New Age values are conscious evolution, a non – sectarian society, a non – military culture, global sharing, healing the environment, sustainable economies, self – determination, social justice, economic empowerment of the poor, love, compassion in action, going beyond religious fundamentalism, going beyond nationalism – extreme nationalism, culture. _ Deepak Chopra

359/ If you age with somebody, you go through so many roles – you're lovers, friends, enemies, colleagues, strangers; you're brother and sister. That's what intimacy is, if you're with your soulmate. _ Cate Blanchett

360/ Age shouldn't affect you. It's just like the size of your shoes – they don't determine how you live your life! You're either marvellous or you're boring, regardless of your age. _ Morrissey

361/ Irrespective of age, we mourn for those loved and lost. Mourning is one of the deepest expressions of pure love. _ Russell M. Nelson

362/ A truly great book should be read in youth, again in maturity and once more in old age, as a fine building should be seen by morning light, at noon and by moonlight. _ Robertson Davies

363/ The arrogance of age must submit to be taught by youth. _ Edmund Burke

364/ There are signs that the age of petroleum has passed its zenith. Adjusted for inflation, a barrel of crude oil now sells for three times its long – run average. The large western oil companies, which cartellised the industry for much of the 20th century, are now selling more oil than they find, and are thus in the throes of liquidation. _ James Buchan

365/ It is not how old you are, but how you are old. _ Jules Renard

366/ How young can you die of old age? _ Steven Wright

367/ The value of old age depends upon the person who reaches it. To some men of early performance it is useless. To others, who are late to develop, it just enables them to finish the job. _ Thomas Hardy

368/ Those who are born of parents broken with old age, or of such as are not yet ripe or are too young, or of drunkards, soft or effeminate men, want a great and liberal ingenuity or wit. _ Thomas Willis

369/ Because I'm in an adult world and I'm really working, my age is just a number. It's not really who I am. _ Mandy Moore

370/ In this electronic age we see ourselves being translated more and more into the form of information, moving toward the technological extension of consciousness. _ Marshall McLuhan

371/ I'm not limited by my gender, and I don't think anyone else should be either. Because I am the age I am and I sort of rode the crest of the first profound post – suffragette feminists, I wasn't fighting to burn my bra. Those women fought that fight just seconds before I came into womanhood. _ Ellen Barkin

372/ New Age is a very small box. It was a term that was brought in by the music industry to classify music that is neither jazz, classical, pop or rock. They didn't know what to call it or what to do with it. So they threw it all together under this one name. _ Yanni

373/ I don't like it when people who are young act like they're 40. That's taking too much on. Putting up a shield and trying to act like you're so mature or whatever – I don't try to act mature. Some people might say I'm mature for my age, but it's not something I'm trying to do, you know? I'm just me. _ Taylor Swift

374/ There's a great deal to say in the Bible about the signs we're to watch for, and when these signs all converge at one place we can be sure that we're close to the end of the age. _ Billy Graham

375/ In play, a child is always above his average age, above his daily behavior; in play, it is as though he were a head taller than himself. _ Lev Vygotsky

376/ My mother is Turtle Mountain Chippewa, and she lived on her home reservation. My father taught there. He had just been discharged from the Air Force. He went to school on the GI Bill and got his teaching credentials. He is adventurous – he worked his way through Alaska at age seventeen and paid for his living expenses by winning at the poker table. _ Louise Erdrich

377/ A man loves the meat in his youth that he cannot endure in his age. _ William Shakespeare

378/ We accumulate our opinions at an age when our understanding is at its weakest. _ Georg C. Lichtenberg

379/ Age is like love, it cannot be hid. _ Thomas Dekker

380/ This is the strange thing: Dancers don't age. _ Twyla Tharp

381/ We've put more effort into helping folks reach old age than into helping them enjoy it. _ Frank A. Clark

382/ Man arrives as a novice at each age of his life. _ Nicolas Chamfort

383/ My first recognition of age setting in was exactly on my 36th birthday. I have no idea why, on this day of all days, I looked in the mirror and realized my face no longer looked young. _ Paulina Porizkova

384/ I'd love to look like my mum when I am her age. She taught ballet for years, and my attitude to exercise and fitness has definitely been influenced by her. She's 84 now, and I've watched how well she has aged, and a lot of that is to do with her fantastic posture. _ Sarah Parish

385/ I look at other people my age in this industry, other famous people my age, and they've just got famous friends. Which is cool, but I love being normal and just chilling at mine. _ Maisie Williams

386/ At age 12, I was on 'Guiding Light,' and I wanted to be accepted by these adults I was working with. I started with the Eat Right for Your Type diet. A friend who was a little older was doing it. I have a perfectionist personality, so I wanted to do the best job I could. I was not eating anything it said not to. _ Brittany Snow

387/ A stockbroker urged me to buy a stock that would triple its value every year. I told him, 'At my age, I don't even buy green bananas.' _ Claude Pepper

388/ I was a writer first, and knew I'd be a storyteller at age seven. But since my parents are very practical, they urged me to go into a profession that would be far more secure, so I went to medical school. _ Tess Gerritsen

389/ The excitement of learning separates youth from old age. As long as you're learning you're not old. _ Rosalyn S. Yalow

390/ In every age 'the good old days' were a myth. No one ever thought they were good at the time. For every age has consisted of crises that seemed intolerable to the people who lived through them. _ Brooks Atkinson

391/ We live in an age where everything is based on the short term. _ Howard Schultz

392/ Every man over forty is a scoundrel. _ George Bernard Shaw

393/ To me – old age is always ten years older than I am. _ Bernard Baruch

394/ Age is whatever you think it is. You are as old as you think you are. _ Muhammad Ali

395/ Reading, after a certain age, diverts the mind too much from its creative pursuits. Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking. _ Albert Einstein

396/ Exposure from a young age to the realities of the world is a super – big thing. _ Bill Gates

397/ At the age of six I wanted to be a cook. At seven I wanted to be Napoleon. And my ambition has been growing steadily ever since. _ Salvador Dali

398/ No man was ever so completely skilled in the conduct of life, as not to receive new information from age and experience. _ Jonathan Swift

399/ Age is relative. Experience is relative. And I think often intensity is confused with maturity. _ Laura Marling

400/ The most inspiring piece of advice I've gotten is simply to persevere. My mom taught me to always keep going no matter what from an early age. When it feels too difficult to push forward, I always remind myself, 'This too shall pass,' and then I redouble my efforts. _ Liya Kebede

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