Đề Xuất 3/2023 # Tổng Hợp 1022 Câu Danh Ngôn Tiếng Anh (Beauty Quotes) Hay Nhất Và Ý Nghĩa Nhất (Phần 2) # Top 7 Like | Altimofoundation.com

Đề Xuất 3/2023 # Tổng Hợp 1022 Câu Danh Ngôn Tiếng Anh (Beauty Quotes) Hay Nhất Và Ý Nghĩa Nhất (Phần 2) # Top 7 Like

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201/ At some point in life the world's beauty becomes enough. You don't need to photograph, paint or even remember it. It is enough. _ Toni Morrison

202/ Character contributes to beauty. It fortifies a woman as her youth fades. A mode of conduct, a standard of courage, discipline, fortitude, and integrity can do a great deal to make a woman beautiful. _ Jacqueline Bisset

203/ Nothing will teach you more about perceived value than taking something with literally no value and selling it in the auction format. It teaches you the beauty and power of presentation, and how you can make magic out of nothing. _ Sophia Amoruso

204/ No single man can be taken as a model for a perfect figure, for no man lives on earth who is endowed with the whole of beauty. _ Albrecht Durer

205/ Beauty is the first test: there is no permanent place in the world for ugly mathematics. _ G. H. Hardy

206/ The human face is the organic seat of beauty. It is the register of value in development, a record of Experience, whose legitimate office is to perfect the life, a legible language to those who will study it, of the majestic mistress, the soul. _ Eliza Farnham

207/ When I am working on a problem, I never think about beauty but when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong. _ R. Buckminster Fuller

208/ Celibacy is not just a matter of not having sex. It is a way of admiring a person for their humanity, maybe even for their beauty. _ Timothy Radcliffe

209/ Editing yourself is like an irksome coin toss. You've got to strip yourself of super ego and operate from the id. Maybe I've got my Freud mixed up. It's just hard to trade a beauty shot for the performance with truth and a brightly lit zit. _ Vera Farmiga

210/ Set your compass to beauty, humor, and grief; stay the course no matter what, and I'll support you with everything I've got. _ Chris Jordan

211/ I do an international beauty pageant called Queen of the Universe for UNESCO, and what we do is we build kindergartens around the world. _ Joyce Giraud

212/ In college, I used to underline sentences that struck me, that made me look up from the page. They were not necessarily the same sentences the professors pointed out, which would turn up for further explication on an exam. I noted them for their clarity, their rhythm, their beauty and their enchantment. _ Jhumpa Lahiri

213/ Cosmetics makers have always sold 'hope in a jar' – creams and potions that promise youth, beauty, sex appeal, and even love for the women who use them. _ Virginia Postrel

214/ San Francisco is a mad city – inhabited for the most part by perfectly insane people whose women are of a remarkable beauty. _ Rudyard Kipling

215/ One of the basic things about a string is that it can vibrate in many different shapes or forms, which gives music its beauty. _ Edward Witten

216/ There is nothing that makes its way more directly into the soul than beauty. _ Joseph Addison

217/ I think love and beauty are what life is all about. _ John Derek

218/ Whether you come from heaven or hell, what does it matter, O Beauty! _ Charles Baudelaire

219/ I accidentally entered a youth pageant when I was 14. That's like a beauty pageant, but without the beauty. It was terrible. _ Zooey Deschanel

220/ I don't wear much makeup, except during work. I felt lucky to be chosen to be a model. I used to joke, 'The next best thing to winning the lottery is having a beauty contract.' _ Isabella Rossellini

221/ My mother always called me an ugly weed, so I never was aware of anything until I was older. Plain girls should have someone telling them they are beautiful. Sometimes this works miracles. _ Hedy Lamarr

222/ A bachelor never quite gets over the idea that he is a thing of beauty and a boy forever. _ Helen Rowland

223/ Don't get me wrong, I admire elegance and have an appreciation of the finer things in life. But to me, beauty lies in simplicity. _ Mark Hyman

224/ The breadfruit is a superb tree, about 60 feet high, with deep green, shining leaves, a foot broad, sharply and symmetrically cut, worthy, from their exceeding beauty of form, to take the place of the acanthus in architectural ornament, and throwing their pale green fruit into delicate contrast. _ Isabella Bird

225/ The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone. _ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

226/ We were astonished by the beauty and refinement of the art displayed by the objects surpassing all we could have imagined – the impression was overwhelming. _ Howard Carter

227/ Beauty is truth's smile when she beholds her own face in a perfect mirror. _ Rabindranath Tagore

228/ Less make – up is better, and it's always better to let your natural beauty shine. Essentially, be happy with your appearance. _ Park Shin – hye

229/ It is not so much for its beauty that the forest makes a claim upon men's hearts, as for that subtle something, that quality of air that emanation from old trees, that so wonderfully changes and renews a weary spirit. _ Robert Louis Stevenson

230/ Enlightened leadership is spiritual if we understand spirituality not as some kind of religious dogma or ideology but as the domain of awareness where we experience values like truth, goodness, beauty, love and compassion, and also intuition, creativity, insight and focused attention. _ Deepak Chopra

231/ Glamour comes from within. My beauty regime begins with my personality. _ Barry Humphries

232/ Beauty is not something you can count on. Usually, when people say you are beautiful, it is when there is a harmony between the inside and the outside. _ Emmanuelle Beart

233/ Zest is the secret of all beauty. There is no beauty that is attractive without zest. _ Christian Dior

234/ Would Jove appoint some flower to reign, in matchless beauty on the plain, the Rose (mankind will all agree). The Rose the queen of flowers should be. _ Sappho

235/ Taught from infancy that beauty is woman's sceptre, the mind shapes itself to the body, and roaming round its gilt cage, only seeks to adorn its prison. _ Mary Wollstonecraft

236/ I'm not trying to stump anybody… it's the beauty of the language that I'm interested in. _ Buddy Holly

237/ Beauty makes idiots sad and wise men merry. _ George Jean Nathan

238/ I'm a great believer in the beauty and the power of surprise. _ Mark Gatiss

239/ When the soul looks out of its body, it should see only beauty in its path. These are the sights we must hold in mind, in order to move to a higher place. _ Yusef Lateef

240/ The way in which mathematicians and physicists and historians talk is quite different, and what a physicist means by physical intuition and what a mathematician means by beauty or elegance are things worth thinking about. _ Clifford Geertz

241/ I love my beauty. It's not my fault. _ Valentino Garavani

242/ The Cemetery of Forgotten Books is a metaphor, not just for books but for ideas, for language, for knowledge, for beauty, for all the things that make us human, for collecting memory. _ Carlos Ruiz Zafon

243/ Let's just say beauty inspires me. But I like all beauty – I think it really comes from the inside out. _ Donatella Versace

244/ Whenever I talk about the Bahamas and its beauty, I could never stop talking about my God, who has given us all of this beauty. _ Myles Munroe

245/ Beauty does not mean one thing but not something else. _ Alek Wek

246/ Exuberance is beauty. _ William Blake

247/ A more secret, sweet, and overpowering beauty appears to man when his heart and mind open to the sentiment of virtue. _ Ralph Waldo Emerson

248/ What is certain is that singing is not merely modulating a song by means of the voice: we sing and we celebrate the beauty that we can grow and live every day. If you want to sing and give emotions to those who are listening, you must have something to tell through your singing; you have to use singing like an instrument to tell something. _ Andrea Bocelli

249/ A special kind of beauty exists which is born in language, of language, and for language. _ Gaston Bachelard

250/ Wealth, beauty, and fame are transient. When those are gone, little is left except the need to be useful. _ Gene Tierney

251/ The first show I ever did, singing and dancing, was 'Beauty and the Beast.' I was playing Gaston. Gaston has red tights, knee high boots, and it's very physical. I had headaches every day for two months. _ Hugh Jackman

252/ Fast cars like Porsches and Ferraris – they are things of beauty. _ Rod Stewart

253/ I don't do very much for beauty. I use very simple things on my skin. I haven't got time. I would always get facials and then come home laden with product, and pay a lot of money and never use it. Anyway, one day a dermatologist told me to use Cetaphil to clean my face and as a moisturizer, and that's what I do. _ Iris Apfel

254/ It's amazing what sleep does for your looks. _ Emily Procter

255/ I think exercise tests us in so many ways, our skills, our hearts, our ability to bounce back after setbacks. This is the inner beauty of sports and competition, and it can serve us all well as adult athletes. _ Peggy Fleming

256/ You can't really say what is beautiful about a place, but the image of the place will remain vividly with you. _ Tadao Ando

257/ The terrifying and edible beauty of Art Nouveau architecture. _ Salvador Dali

258/ Such discussions help us very little to enjoy what has been well done in art or poetry, to discriminate between what is more and what is less excellent in them, or to use words like beauty, excellence, art, poetry, with a more precise meaning than they would otherwise have. _ Walter Pater

259/ Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting. _ Ralph Waldo Emerson

260/ When we contemplate the whole globe as one great dewdrop, striped and dotted with continents and islands, flying through space with other stars all singing and shining together as one, the whole universe appears as an infinite storm of beauty. _ John Muir

261/ Personal health is related to self – control and to the worship of life in all its natural beauty – self – control bringing with it happiness, renewed youth, and long life. _ Maria Montessori

262/ I'm attracted to soccer's capacity for beauty. When well played, the game is a dance with a ball. _ Eduardo Galeano

263/ I don't love Photoshop; I like imperfection. It doesn't mean ugly. I love a girl with a gap between her teeth, versus perfect white veneers. Perfection is just… boring. Perfect is what's natural or real; that is beauty. _ Marc Jacobs

264/ I would warn you that I do not attribute to nature either beauty or deformity, order or confusion. Only in relation to our imagination can things be called beautiful or ugly, well – ordered or confused. _ Baruch Spinoza

265/ In marriage do thou be wise: prefer the person before money, virtue before beauty, the mind before the body; then thou hast a wife, a friend, a companion, a second self. _ William Penn

266/ A sense of the universe, a sense of the all, the nostalgia which seizes us when confronted by nature, beauty, music – these seem to be an expectation and awareness of a Great Presence. _ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

267/ I feel prematurely old. I'm actually having this major belated quarter – life crisis. I'm turning 30 in a couple of weeks. I've been thinking a lot about mortality. A lot about what I'm going to do with my life and how to enjoy it. One of the things I'm going to work on is being more spontaneous, letting go, embracing the beauty of come – what – may. _ Chris Pine

268/ Perfect is boring: Beauty is irregular. _ Gloria Steinem

269/ Beauty doesn't need ornaments. Softness can't bear the weight of ornaments. _ Munshi Premchand

270/ Poets say science takes away from the beauty of the stars – mere globs of gas atoms. I, too, can see the stars on a desert night, and feel them. But do I see less or more? _ Richard P. Feynman

271/ Rarely do great beauty and great virtue dwell together. _ Petrarch

272/ I believe that children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside. _ Whitney Houston

273/ If I weren't performing, I'd be a beauty editor or a therapist. I love creativity, but I also love to help others. My mother was a hairstylist, and they listen to everyone's problems – like a beauty therapist! _ Beyonce Knowles

274/ I can't imagine it if beauty was the only currency I used as an actress. It just doesn't interest me. _ Hayley Atwell

275/ I have always loved young women for their sensitive spiritual nature, gentleness, and special beauty. _ Margaret D. Nadauld

276/ We know the seductive alchemy of art. To transform private anguish into a narrative of truth, if not beauty; to make sense where there was none; to bring order out of chaos – these are the promises art makes. _ Kathryn Harrison

277/ When I am going out, I am in ponytail, jeans, tees. I am just like any girl – next – door. Beauty is not external; it's internal. When you are a happy soul, you would be beautiful any time. _ Rakul Preet Singh

278/ For what the horse does under compulsion, as Simon also observes, is done without understanding; and there is no beauty in it either, any more than if one should whip and spur a dancer. _ Xenophon

279/ In many a piece of music, it's the pause or the rest that gives the piece its beauty and its shape. And I know I, as a writer, will often try to include a lot of empty space on the page so that the reader can complete my thoughts and sentences and so that her imagination has room to breathe. _ Pico Iyer

280/ I have always loved beauty and fashion. Some of my earliest memories are of being surrounded by fragrances and lipstick samples. _ Aerin Lauder

281/ The cottage garden; most for use designed, Yet not of beauty destitute. _ Charlotte Smith

282/ Wisdom is the abstract of the past, but beauty is the promise of the future. _ Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

283/ Some songs you get. Some songs you may not. And I think that's the beauty of art: to question and to ask, to understand the deeper meaning after two or three or four listenings. _ Janelle Monae

284/ When we hear the word 'beauty', we inevitably think that beauty belongs in a special elite realm where only the extraordinary dwells. Yet without realizing it, each day each one of us is visited by beauty. When you actually listen to people, it is surprising how often beauty is mentioned. A world without beauty would be unbearable. _ John O'Donohue

285/ Nobody was my support. You have to support yourself, and I think that is the beauty of being a woman. You can handle anything and be ten times better than men. _ Kangana Ranaut

286/ The plainer the dress, the greater luster does beauty appear. _ Edward Wood, 1st Earl of Halifax

287/ My mom taught me this really great beauty tip. She used to put oil or mayonnaise on the bottom half of her hair before she would shower. _ Blake Lively

288/ Truth is, I cut my hair for freedom, not for beauty. _ Chrisette Michele

289/ There's design, and there's art. Good design is total harmony. There's no better designer than nature – if you look at a branch or a leaf, it's perfect. It's all function. Art is different. It's about emotion. It's about suffering and beauty – but mostly suffering! _ Diane von Furstenberg

290/ I think one of the things that language poets are very involved with is getting away from conventional ideas of beauty, because those ideas contain a certain attitude toward women, certain attitudes toward sex, certain attitudes toward race, etc. _ Diane Wakoski

291/ Where there is righteousness in the heart, there is beauty in the character. When there is beauty in the character, there is harmony in the home. When there is harmony in the home, there is order in the nation. When there is order in the nation, there is peace in the world. _ A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

292/ That which God said to the rose, and caused it to laugh in full – blown beauty, He said to my heart, and made it a hundred times more beautiful. _ Rumi

293/ I have moments where I miss my old self. But I think anyone can get caught up in what we used to have. But at the same time, we can choose to focus on the beauty of now. _ Steve Gleason

294/ Everyday life is like programming, I guess. If you love something you can put beauty into it. _ Donald Knuth

295/ Should you shield the canyons from the windstorms you would never see the true beauty of their carvings. _ Elisabeth Kubler – Ross

296/ There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion. _ Francis Bacon

297/ The beauty of having short hair is that I actually can wash and style it at home! _ Meagan Good

298/ Every beauty which is seen here by persons of perception resembles more than anything else that celestial source from which we all are come. _ Michelangelo

299/ Most of us who become experimental physicists do so for two reasons; we love the tools of physics because to us they have intrinsic beauty, and we dream of finding new secrets of nature as important and as exciting as those uncovered by our scientific heroes. _ Luis Walter Alvarez

300/ Beauty is perfect in its imperfections, so you just have to go with the imperfections. _ Diane von Furstenberg

Tổng Hợp 1022 Câu Danh Ngôn Tiếng Anh (Beauty Quotes) Hay Nhất Và Ý Nghĩa Nhất (Phần Đầu)

1/ We need to rediscover the essence of the meaning of 'the use.' Architecture is, above all, here for a better living. Every gesture, every shape must be justified by various reasons that would reinforce their reason to be, their use, and will give more sense to their beauty. _ Christian de Portzamparc

2/ Be sure what you want and be sure about yourself. Fashion is not just beauty, it's about good attitude. You have to believe in yourself and be strong. _ Adriana Lima

3/ It's nice to just embrace the natural beauty within you. _ Victoria Justice

4/ Beauty is mysterious as well as terrible. God and devil are fighting there, and the battlefield is the heart of man. _ Fyodor Dostoevsky

5/ Beauty, by way of fashion, has to do with confidence, with flattering silhouettes, with patterns, with proper fit for body type, and with an abundance of self – love! _ Mary Lambert

6/ I think every single imperfection adds to your beauty. I'd rather be imperfect than perfect. _ Sonam Kapoor

7/ The beauty we love is very silent. It smiles softly to itself, but never speaks. _ Richard Le Gallienne

8/ Seek goodness and be goodness. Seek beauty and be beauty. Seek love and be love. _ Bryant H. McGill

9/ For the man sound of body and serene of mind there is no such thing as bad weather; every day has its beauty, and storms which whip the blood do but make it pulse more vigorously. _ George Gissing

10/ Beauty is merciless. You do not look at it, it looks at you and does not forgive. _ Nikos Kazantzakis

11/ To experience sublime natural beauty is to confront the total inadequacy of language to describe what you see. Words cannot convey the scale of a view that is so stunning it is felt. _ Eleanor Catton

12/ Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love. _ Louis Kahn

13/ For the mind disturbed, the still beauty of dawn is nature's finest balm. _ Edwin Way Teale

14/ A day spent without the sight or sound of beauty, the contemplation of mystery, or the search of truth or perfection is a poverty – stricken day; and a succession of such days is fatal to human life. _ Lewis Mumford

15/ It seems that if one is working from the point of view of getting beauty in one's equations, and if one has really a sound insight, one is on a sure line of progress. _ Paul Dirac

16/ What would be ugly in a garden constitutes beauty in a mountain. _ Victor Hugo

17/ My theory of characterization is basically this: Put some dirt on a hero, and put some sunshine on the villain, one brush stroke of beauty on the villain. _ Justin Cronin

18/ I do like beauty, but an older woman can be beautiful and a clever woman is beautiful because that beauty shines through. _ Patrick Demarchelier

19/ Beauty, to me, is kind, generous, and people that are humble. _ Nikki Sixx

20/ The waving of a pine tree on the top of a mountain – a magic wand in Nature's hand – every devout mountaineer knows its power; but the marvelous beauty value of what the Scotch call a breckan in a still dell, what poet has sung this? _ John Muir

21/ We live in a quick – fix society where we need instant gratification for everything. Too fat? Get lipo – sucked. Stringy hair? Glue on extensions. Wrinkles and lines? Head to the beauty shop for a pot of the latest miracle skin stuff. It's all a beautiful £1 billion con foisted upon insecure women by canny cosmetic conglomerates. _ Joan Collins

22/ I'm not ugly, but my beauty is a total creation. _ Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

23/ The double hundred Fowler hit in the Madras Test was an absolute beauty. _ David Gower

24/ A women's greatest asset is her beauty. _ Alex Comfort

25/ Beauty and the Beast seemed like it all was really brown. The whole thing was just so brown and orange and yellow, like Burger King or something. I don't think I would have liked Beauty and the Beast at any age. _ Mike Judge

26/ After all, it is the divinity within that makes the divinity without; and I have been more fascinated by a woman of talent and intelligence, though deficient in personal charms, than I have been by the most regular beauty. _ Washington Irving

27/ I love fashion, beauty, glamour. It's the mark of civilisation. _ David LaChapelle

28/ When I was 11, I had an Ugly Sister birthday party. All my idea. Most girls want to be a fairy or a princess, but there I am with beauty spots and fur and fluorescent pink kiss – curls. _ Lucy Punch

29/ Even in the centuries which appear to us to be the most monstrous and foolish, the immortal appetite for beauty has always found satisfaction. _ Charles Baudelaire

30/ In the non – Greek stories, Persia, Egypt, even China, Central Asia, in oral traditions and written literature, anyone who fights Amazons admires their courage and beauty, and they want to be allies of the Amazon; they don't wanna kill them. _ Adrienne Mayor

31/ If a work of art is rich and vital and complete, those who have artistic instincts will see its beauty, and those to whom ethics appeal more strongly than aesthetics will see its moral lesson. It will fill the cowardly with terror, and the unclean will see in it their own shame. _ Oscar Wilde

32/ In a war situation or where violence and injustice are prevalent, poetry is called upon to be something more than a thing of beauty. _ Seamus Heaney

33/ Whatever you may look like, marry a man your own age – as your beauty fades, so will his eyesight. _ Phyllis Diller

34/ Every article on these islands has an almost personal character, which gives this simple life, where all art is unknown, something of the artistic beauty of medieval life. _ John Millington Synge

35/ Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. _ Rumi

36/ Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder. _ Kinky Friedman

37/ There is no real beauty without some slight imperfection. _ James Salter

38/ Beauty is the only thing that time cannot harm. Philosophies fall away like sand, creeds follow one another, but what is beautiful is a joy for all seasons, a possession for all eternity. _ Oscar Wilde

39/ There is a beauty and clarity that comes from simplicity that we sometimes do not appreciate in our thirst for intricate solutions. _ Dieter F. Uchtdorf

40/ Both for Havana's beauty and decay, it's very hard to restrain yourself from staring everywhere you look. _ Brin – Jonathan Butler

41/ Perhaps the mission of an artist is to interpret beauty to people – the beauty within themselves. _ Langston Hughes

42/ Everyone has their own insecurities, regardless of how you look or how people perceive you, but sometimes people give their insecurities too much power. Defining beauty is simply a matter of opinion. For me, real beauty has very little to do with the structure of someone's face or body. _ Devon Aoki

43/ The difference between utility and utility plus beauty is the difference between telephone wires and the spider web. _ Edwin Way Teale

44/ Solitude has its own very strange beauty to it. _ Liv Tyler

45/ Heat cannot be separated from fire, or beauty from The Eternal. _ Dante Alighieri

46/ In the central place of every heart, there is a recording chamber; so long as it receives messages of beauty, hope, cheer and courage, you are young. _ Samuel Ullman

47/ The beauty of women was the first expression of my photography. _ Alberto Korda

48/ Beauty set up distance between other people and me. It warped their behavior. _ Candice Bergen

49/ I used to wear a lot of red lipstick, and when I got a pimple, I'd cover it up with eyeliner to turn it into a beauty mark. _ Selma Blair

50/ The destruction of the natural beauty, the ecosystems, and the majesty of mountains affect us in ways we're not even aware of. Every time a mountain is beheaded, we chop off a little part of our souls. _ Gloria Reuben

51/ When we recognise the virtues, the talent, the beauty of Mother Earth, something is born in us, some kind of connection; love is born. _ Nhat Hanh

52/ Maybe you just don't see your own beauty. _ Lena Headey

53/ A woman can slip on a pair of embellished cage heels one night and a pair of streamlined, lightweight sneakers the next day. The beauty of modern luxury is the absence of rules. _ Giuseppe Zanotti

54/ Beauty arises out of human inspiration. _ Richard Dawkins

55/ The seventies is what I love. Soft, touchable beauty is what I love. _ Tom Ford

56/ I loved Belle in 'Beauty and the Beast.' I just wanted to be her. I'm a brunette, so I think I kind of cling to all those princesses that have brown hair. I just wanted to be them. _ Kara Lindsay

57/ I tell myself that God gave my children many gifts – spirit, beauty, intelligence, the capacity to make friends and to inspire respect. There was only one gift he held back – length of life. _ Rose Kennedy

58/ In chess one cannot control everything. Sometimes a game takes an unexpected turn, in which beauty begins to emerge. Both players are always instrumental in this. _ Vladimir Kramnik

59/ Just because you are blind and unable to see my beauty doesn't mean it does not exist. _ Margaret Cho

60/ When I go away to do a movie, I bring the blanket I've had since I was a little girl. It helps me sleep. I also always bring my laptop so I can E – mail friends. And I bring my dog, Beauty, wherever I can. _ Kirsten Dunst

61/ I lend my daughter beauty products, but only as a treat. If she's going to a party, I'll let her borrow a mascara or moisturizer. _ Kate Winslet

62/ Some guys say beauty is only skin deep. But when you walk into a party, you don't see somebody's brain. The initial contact has to be the sniffing. _ James Caan

63/ There's a beauty to wisdom and experience that cannot be faked. It's impossible to be mature without having lived. _ Amy Grant

64/ I think my biggest tip – and I consider it a part of my beauty routine – is getting my sleep, without a doubt. I do a true eight hours. _ Tracee Ellis Ross

65/ I feel truth, beauty, love, grief, anger, intimacy & alive in my body… Women in the global south live in their bodies much more than we in the global north. Not as distracted by patriarchy's controlling images – They know power is in their bodies. I am deeply grateful for the women who showed me the way home. _ Jodie Evans

66/ The thought came to me that all one loves in art becomes beautiful. Beauty is nothing but the expression of the fact that something is being loved. Only thus could she be defined. _ Robert Musil

67/ The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years. _ Audrey Hepburn

68/ Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror. _ Khalil Gibran

69/ Have you not noticed that love is silence? It may be while holding the hand of another, or looking lovingly at a child, or taking in the beauty of an evening. Love has no past or future, and so it is with this extraordinary state of silence. _ Jiddu Krishnamurti

70/ Love is the beauty of the soul. _ Saint Augustine

71/ Faces that have charmed us the most escape us the soonest. _ Walter Scott

72/ The beauty that addresses itself to the eyes is only the spell of the moment; the eye of the body is not always that of the soul. _ George Sand

73/ Today I see beauty everywhere I go, in every face I see, in every single soul. _ Kevyn Aucoin

74/ I find human beings to be so complex and full of beauty. Creativity is our way to express and challenge and flow. So, all you humans, create and flow! I'll be over here thinking you are beautiful and creepy and freaky and wonderful! _ Angela Bettis

75/ I appreciate simplicity, true beauty that lasts over time, and a little wit and eclecticism that make life more fun. _ Elliott Erwitt

76/ I have been honoured to serve the whales, dolphins, seals – and all the other creatures on this Earth. Their beauty, intelligence, strength, and spirit have inspired me. _ Paul Watson

77/ There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness. _ Maria Mitchell

78/ Beauty is a short – lived tyranny. _ George Bernard Shaw

79/ In such ugly times, the only true protest is beauty. _ Phil Ochs

80/ The truth, the absolute truth, is that the chief beauty for the theatre consists in fine bodily proportions. _ Sarah Bernhardt

81/ My everyday beauty routine is always rushed and pretty simple. _ Cate Blanchett

82/ Beauty at 70 years old isn't the same as beauty at 20 years old, but it is stunning nonetheless. _ Victoria Moran

83/ A thing may fail as a poem because it tries to do what a poem cannot do: it tries to become a treatise on cosmic truth… We can best be exact about the cosmic things – God and truth, beauty, eternity and love – by not talking directly about them. _ Miller Williams

84/ Sometimes, homely things are done for the best reasons in the world and thus achieve a beauty of their own. _ Gene Weingarten

85/ I completely agree that a sound sleep is the best beauty product. Sound sleep, one of the most important but underrated thing, helps to make you more beautiful. I can never understand how people work so hard that they miss out on their sleep. _ Shraddha Kapoor

86/ The spirit of L.A. is untamed wilderness. It's earthquakes and wildfires and oceans and mountain lions and fog. There's great physical beauty. _ Dan Gilroy

87/ People see you as an object, not as a person, and they project a set of expectations onto you. People who don't have it think beauty is a blessing, but actually it sets you apart. _ Candice Bergen

88/ Sometimes, though only in my most unguarded moments, I can still think of Annette Winters as my first love. At fifteen, she was tall, slender, very dark: an intelligent, sly girl possessed of what I think of now, though I didn't think of then, as a kind of debatable beauty. _ John Burnside

89/ As for everything else, so for a mathematical theory: beauty can be perceived but not explained. _ Arthur Cayley

90/ As long as I love Beauty I am young. _ W. H. Davies

91/ Who knows better than artists how much ugliness there is on the way to beauty, how many ghastly, mortifying missteps, how many days of granitic blockheadedness and dismaying ineptitude there is on the way to accomplishment, how partial all accomplishment is, how incomplete? _ Tony Kushner

92/ The distinction between a gallery and a museum is enormous. The gallery is about looking at a thing of beauty; the purpose of the activity is an aesthetic response. The museum is actually about the object that lets you get into somebody else's life. _ Neil MacGregor

93/ Sunscreen is my number one beauty product that goes on even when I am indoors. _ Liz Goldwyn

94/ Integrity reveals beauty. _ Thomas Leonard

95/ Coercion may prevent many transgressions; but it robs even actions which are legal of a part of their beauty. Freedom may lead to many transgressions, but it lends even to vices a less ignoble form. _ Wilhelm von Humboldt

96/ It's the beauty and curse of doing a daily show. Some days you've got nothing to talk about and other days Dick Cheney shoots his lawyer in the face and everyone is happy. _ Craig Ferguson

97/ There are so many awful things in this world, but I wanted readers to share with me the small, beautiful, enjoyable things. Things like cute clothes, beautiful art and pretty flowers; items that are overflowing with beauty. If you just become obsessed with your own problems, you miss these things. When you discover them, you become happy. _ Novala Takemoto

98/ When I pray, I always thank Mother Nature for all the beauty in the world. It's about having an attitude of gratitude. _ Miranda Kerr

99/ I need to see my own beauty and to continue to be reminded that I am enough, that I am worthy of love without effort, that I am beautiful, that the texture of my hair and that the shape of my curves, the size of my lips, the color of my skin, and the feelings that I have are all worthy and okay. _ Tracee Ellis Ross

100/ A rainbow is the product of physics working for your appreciation of beauty. _ Kyle Hill

Tổng Hợp 1022 Câu Danh Ngôn Tiếng Anh (Beauty Quotes) Hay Nhất Và Ý Nghĩa Nhất (Phần 4)

401/ As a girl, you're supposed to love Sleeping Beauty. I mean, who wants to love Sleeping Beauty when you can be Aladdin? _ Ellen Page

402/ People say I am the king of painful shoes. I don't want to create painful shoes, but it is not my job to create something comfortable. I try to make high heels as comfortable as they can be, but my priority is design, beauty and sexiness. I'm not against them, but comfort is not my focus. _ Christian Louboutin

403/ Mongolia is a country of rich and ancient heritage, unique culture and astounding natural beauty. It is a land of free and brave, peace – loving and hard – working people. _ Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj

404/ The beauty of making theater is that you have to go and do it the next day. Making a show nightly is a really difficult skill. It's something every theater actor and every theater maker is challenged with. _ Thomas Kail

405/ I never in a million years thought I would be the person to go to for self – esteem; that was not my intent. But I happen to love beauty, I love the way people look, and I love making women look beautiful. _ Bobbi Brown

406/ People think that if you look fairly reasonable, you can't possibly act, and as I only care about acting, I think beauty can be a great handicap. _ Vivien Leigh

407/ Beauty is not just physical. _ Halle Berry

408/ I have never before, in my long and eclectic career, been gifted with such an abundance of natural beauty as I experienced filming 'War Horse' on Dartmoor. _ Steven Spielberg

409/ Beyond the beauty, the sex, the titillation, the surface, there is a human being. And that has to emerge. _ Jeanne Moreau

410/ Beauty is the oracle that speaks to us all. _ Luis Barragan

411/ Beauty is that little something that fills the whole world, and is contained neither in a single straight nose, a long eyelash, nor a blue mountain. Some see it in a leg of mutton, others in a compound fracture; and to expect others to accept one's own definition of it is as absurd as to expect all humanity to use the same toilet – brush. _ William Morris Hunt

412/ The beauty of 'The Hunger Games' and also 'Game of Thrones,' in fairness, both projects have really complex, three – dimensional, contradictory, strong women… The writing of female characters is extraordinary and equal to the men. _ Natalie Dormer

413/ As soon as beauty is sought not from religion and love, but for pleasure, it degrades the seeker. _ Annie Dillard

414/ Great designers seldom make great advertising men, because they get overcome by the beauty of the picture – and forget that merchandise must be sold. _ James Randolph Adams

415/ Beauty has so many forms, and I think the most beautiful thing is confidence and loving yourself. _ Kiesza

416/ Beauty is that which is simultaneously attractive and sublime. _ Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

417/ It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness. _ Leo Tolstoy

418/ My education in the arts began at the Cleveland Museum of Art. As a Cleveland child, I visited the museum's halls and corridors, gallery spaces and shows, over and over. For me, the Cleveland Museum was a school of my very own – the place where my eyes opened, my tastes developed, my ideas about beauty and creativity grew. _ Agnes Gund

419/ I just want to say to women, 'Be yourself – it's the inner beauty that counts. You are your own best friend, the key to your own happiness, and as soon as you understand that – and it takes a few heartbreaks – you can be happy.' _ Cherie Lunghi

420/ Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty. _ Albert Einstein

421/ The beauty is that through disappointment you can gain clarity, and with clarity comes conviction and true originality. _ Conan O'Brien

422/ Yesterday we obeyed kings and bent our necks before emperors. But today we kneel only to truth, follow only beauty, and obey only love. _ Khalil Gibran

423/ Beauty is a gift, just like good health or intelligence. The only thing is not to be proud of being beautiful. Because you didn't do anything – it was given to you. _ Monica Bellucci

424/ You can be a pretty face, but if you're not a nice person, it just doesn't work. I'm not traditionally a beauty, but apparently people think I'm all right. If you're a nice person, it definitely helps. _ Kate Moss

425/ Rare is the union of beauty and purity. _ Juvenal

426/ Natural beauty really entices men. They will tell you this time and time again, and studies consistently prove it. _ Helen Fisher

427/ Beauty and the devil are the same thing. _ Robert Mapplethorpe

428/ A whopping 89 percent of buyers start their home search online. How your house looks online is the modern equivalent of 'curb appeal.' Rent a wide – angle lens and good lighting, get rid of your clutter and post at least eight great photos to win the beauty contest. _ Barbara Corcoran

429/ In youth and beauty, wisdom is but rare! _ Homer

430/ The rainforest has an intense beauty that at times seems almost suffocating. The jungle is one twig short of impenetrable, and the greenery seems to crowd in on you with a sensation that has been described as akin to snow blindness. _ Mark Barrowcliffe

431/ Sex and beauty are inseparable, like life and consciousness. And the intelligence which goes with sex and beauty, and arises out of sex and beauty, is intuition. _ D. H. Lawrence

432/ I am a thing of beauty. _ Frank Sinatra

433/ Pastry is different from cooking because you have to consider the chemistry, beauty and flavor. It's not just sugar and eggs thrown together. I tell my pastry chefs to be in tune for all of this. You have to be challenged by using secret or unusual ingredients. _ Ron Ben – Israel

434/ I think the beauty of the writing of 'Game of Thrones' is not that the characters are fearless; it's how they overcome their fear, you know? _ Natalie Dormer

435/ When I learned to sign and speak at the same time, the whole world opened up to me. That's the beauty of encouraging kids who are deaf to use whatever it takes to communicate. _ Marlee Matlin

436/ Nothing can express the aim and meaning of our work better than the profound words of St. Augustine – 'Beauty is the splendor of Truth.' _ Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

437/ There is a tendency to feature more actresses on covers, but I'm a big model lover. I grew up watching these models, and they gave me the wish, the need, to work in the fashion industry. I loved watching them – their beauty, the way they worked in front of the camera and that power of transformation, especially in the Seventies. _ Francois Nars

438/ Red lipstick has been my beauty staple for years. I show up to Pilates or yoga at 8 A.M. wearing my red lipstick. _ Liz Goldwyn

439/ Real beauty knocks you a little bit off kilter. _ David Byrne

440/ If you don't know your worth, if you don't know your value, if you don't know how fantabulous you are – it's going to be hard for other people to see it. Being appreciative of self is beauty to me. _ Kelly Rowland

441/ The beauty, the poetry of the fear in their eyes. I didn't mind going to jail for, what, five, six hours? It was absolutely worth it. _ Johnny Depp

442/ Paris is one of the most beautiful places in all the world. Unfortunately, I was so homesick I couldn't appreciate its beauty. _ Tyra Banks

443/ Part of the beauty of Judaism, and surely this is so for other faiths also, is that it gently restores control over time. Three times a day we stop what we are doing and turn to God in prayer. We recover perspective. We inhale a deep breath of eternity. _ Jonathan Sacks

444/ The fear of this delicate and fierce feminine has more to do with our fear of being vulnerable again, getting hurt again, than it does by our actual distaste for the beauty of the feminine and Her qualities. _ Alanis Morissette

445/ I've always photographed beauty, but I've never been beautiful myself. _ Ruth Bernhard

446/ Beauty is one of the rare things which does not lead to doubt of God. _ Jean Anouilh

447/ Well I do find the beauty in animals. I find beauty everywhere. I find beauty in my garden. _ Doris Day

448/ As we grow old, the beauty steals inward. _ Ralph Waldo Emerson

449/ The artistic part of us all – I think that the easiest way to appreciate this – is through architecture. Architecture is very impressive; the beauty of buildings, temples. _ Carlos Slim

450/ In the 19th century, you had bourgeois art without politics – an almost frozen idea of what beauty is. _ Douglas Sirk

451/ The true beauty of music is that it connects people. It carries a message, and we, the musicians, are the messengers. _ Roy Ayers

452/ Beauty is being comfortable and confident in your own skin. _ Iman

453/ People often say that 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder,' and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder. This empowers us to find beauty in places where others have not dared to look, including inside ourselves. _ Salma Hayek

454/ I trust in nature for the stable laws of beauty and utility. Spring shall plant and autumn garner to the end of time. _ Robert Browning

455/ The grass is always greener on the other side. We are busy applying fairness creams while people in the West go bare – bodied on the beach to get a tan. Indian girls have ruled the roost when it comes to beauty pageants. I flaunt my complexion, and I am proud to be noticed as an Indian wherever I go. _ Shilpa Shetty

456/ Beauty is as relative as light and dark. Thus, there exists no beautiful woman, none at all, because you are never certain that a still far more beautiful woman will not appear and completely shame the supposed beauty of the first. _ Paul Klee

457/ The fun part of being a girl is that there are little beauty things you can do to make yourself feel special. _ Jennifer Love Hewitt

458/ Beauty and folly are old companions. _ Benjamin Franklin

459/ Plastic surgery can't make you younger or more beautiful, because beauty is in your eyes, isn't it? It's in your soul; you can't strap it on. _ Sarah Parish

460/ Mozart's music is so pure and beautiful that I see it as a reflection of the inner beauty of the universe. _ Albert Einstein

461/ Beauty is only skin deep. _ Thomas Overbury

462/ Beauty always promises, but never gives anything. _ Simone Weil

463/ When I was young my Father used to tell me that the two most worthwhile pursuits in life were the pursuit of truth and of beauty and I believe that Alfred Nobel must have felt much the same when he gave these prizes for literature and the sciences. _ Frederick Sanger

464/ I am little concerned with beauty or perfection. I don't care for the great centuries. All I care about is life, struggle, intensity. _ Emile Zola

465/ And for me, the real world involves everything: risk, danger, beauty, energy, all we meet with in the real world. _ Christo

466/ We have been educated into believing someone else's concept of the deity, and someone else's standard of beauty. You have the right to practice any religion and politics in a way that best suits your freedom, your dignity, and your understanding. And once you do that, you don't apologize. _ John Henrik Clarke

467/ All the great religions have a place for awe, for ecstatic transport at the wonder and beauty of creation. _ Richard Dawkins

468/ Phoenix is an interesting example. Drive around and see the golf courses everywhere, and you see people's big green lawns. And you live in a desert! I've always remarked about the capacity of human beings to look at somewhere and move there because of its uniqueness and its beauty and then change it. _ Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

469/ I really do believe that inner beauty is so much more than any kind of outer beauty. _ Rachele Brooke Smith

470/ The beauty of a face is not a separate quality but a relation or proportion of qualities to each other. _ George Herbert Mead

471/ Sexiness wears thin after a while and beauty fades, but to be married to a man who makes you laugh every day, ah, now that's a real treat. _ Joanne Woodward

472/ Embrace the color of your skin and your own beauty. _ Yuna

473/ This is the beauty of the Qur'an: it asks you to reflect and reason, and not to worship the sun or moon but the One who has created everything. The Qur'an asks man to reflect upon the sun and moon and God's creation in general. _ Cat Stevens

474/ Italian men do appreciate beautiful women. They're not afraid of the beauty, which is nice. _ Eva Herzigova

475/ I've actually spent a lot of time researching beauty products, how they are produced and how they are sold. _ Lauren Conrad

476/ The beauty of Judaism is that it demands we ask questions, especially of ourselves. _ Edgar Bronfman, Sr.

477/ Beauty and fashion are not really local anymore. You really have to be a global citizen to know what trends are. Now, it's pretty much the same designers and the same kind of trends, whether I am in New York, Milan, or Mumbai – it's the same. _ Priyanka Chopra

478/ O human beauty, what a dream art thou, that we should cast our life and hopes away on thee! _ Bryan Procter

479/ Beauty for some provides escape, who gain a happiness in eyeing the gorgeous buttocks of the ape or Autumn sunsets exquisitely dying. _ Langston Hughes

480/ 'Sunset Boulevard' – the story of Hollywood movies draped on a depressing sex affair – is an uncompromising study of American decadence displaying a sad, worn, methodical beauty few films have had since the late twenties. _ Manny Farber

481/ Art is beauty, the perpetual invention of detail, the choice of words, the exquisite care of execution. _ Theophile Gautier

482/ Love yourself. It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out. _ Jenn Proske

483/ If the path be beautiful, let us not ask where it leads. _ Anatole France

484/ Mathematics has beauty and romance. It's not a boring place to be, the mathematical world. It's an extraordinary place; it's worth spending time there. _ Marcus du Sautoy

485/ Real beauty is to be true to oneself. That's what makes me feel good. _ Laetitia Casta

486/ Beauty is the lover's gift. _ William Congreve

487/ She got her looks from her father. He's a plastic surgeon. _ Groucho Marx

488/ To love beauty is to see light. _ Victor Hugo

489/ Every decently – made object, from a house to a lamp post to a bridge, spoon or egg cup, is not just a piece of 'stuff' but a physical embodiment of human energy, testimony to the magical ability of our species to take raw materials and turn them into things of use, value and beauty. _ Kevin McCloud

490/ Do not try to push your way through to the front ranks of your profession; do not run after distinctions and rewards; but do your utmost to find an entry into the world of beauty. _ Constantin Stanislavski

491/ Most people can't see beauty and love. I see our music as medicine. _ Maurice White

492/ So far as I am concerned, I could not be accused of having set eyes, or having wished to set eyes, upon Darius' wife: on the contrary, I have refused even to listen to those who spoke to me of her beauty. _ Alexander the Great

493/ There is no racial or ethnic involvement in Thanksgiving, and people who may be very distant from the Christian system can see the beauty and the positive spirit that comes from the holiday. _ John Clayton

494/ Beauty is but the sensible image of the Infinite. Like truth and justice it lives within us; like virtue and the moral law it is a companion of the soul. _ George Bancroft

495/ A woman can be very beautiful and an ideal model and she will photograph incredibly well, but she'll appear in film and it won't work. What works is some fusion of physical beauty with some mental field or whatever you call it. I don't know. _ Oliver Stone

496/ Solitude gives birth to the original in us, to beauty unfamiliar and perilous – to poetry. But also, it gives birth to the opposite: to the perverse, the illicit, the absurd. _ Thomas Mann

497/ I'm from Canada, and New Zealand feels like you took all the best bits of Canada and squished them onto a tiny island like Hawaii. I was absolutely blown away by the beauty of the South Island. _ Evangeline Lilly

498/ I think that I was slightly naive. I thought that if I showed people the beauty of the Arctic and the beauty of the polar bears that they would care so much that they would stand up and try to make a change. _ Lewis Gordon Pugh

499/ Every modern woman shops everywhere for beauty, but for me it's mostly the airport or the drugstore. _ Julianne Moore

500/ That's the beauty of the Internet is that we're no longer tied to our communities by physical connections. _ Edward Snowden

Tổng Hợp 1022 Câu Danh Ngôn Tiếng Anh (Beauty Quotes) Hay Nhất Và Ý Nghĩa Nhất (Phần 1)

101/ Beauty is worse than wine, it intoxicates both the holder and beholder. _ Aldous Huxley

102/ Endurance is nobler than strength, and patience than beauty. _ John Ruskin

103/ The artist forges himself to the others, midway between the beauty he cannot do without and the community he cannot tear himself away from. That is why true artists scorn nothing: they are obliged to understand rather than to judge. _ Albert Camus

104/ Enhancing a woman's silhouette and enhancing a woman's beauty – both contribute to enhancing her confidence, so they're synonymous, really. _ L'Wren Scott

105/ I can barely conceive of a type of beauty in which there is no Melancholy. _ Charles Baudelaire

106/ There is no definition of beauty, but when you can see someone's spirit coming through, something unexplainable, that's beautiful to me. _ Liv Tyler

107/ Like the rest of the genetic lottery, beauty is unfair. Everyone falls short of perfection, but some are luckier than others. Real confidence requires self – knowledge, which includes recognizing one's shortcomings as well as one's strengths. _ Virginia Postrel

108/ There are two kinds of artists in this world; those that work because the spirit is in them, and they cannot be silent if they would, and those that speak from a conscientious desire to make apparent to others the beauty that has awakened their own admiration. _ Anna Katharine Green

109/ Beauty is but a flower, which wrinkles will devour. _ Thomas Nashe

110/ I don't like people who have never fallen or stumbled. Their virtue is lifeless and it isn't of much value. Life hasn't revealed its beauty to them. _ Boris Pasternak

111/ I really wanted there to be something in my life that I enjoy just for the beauty of it. _ Robert Caro

112/ At fifteen, beauty and talent do not exist; there can only be promise of the coming woman. _ Honore de Balzac

113/ I cannot go to Montreal without going to Beauty's, my favorite place for breakfast, where I have the Mish – Mash omelet with hot dogs, salami, eggs, green peppers, and onions, and the best banana bread in the world. It's legendary! _ Gail Simmons

114/ The privilege I've had as a curator is not just the discovery of new works… but what I've discovered about myself and what I can offer in the space of an exhibition – to talk about beauty, to talk about power, to talk about ourselves, and to talk and speak to each other. _ Thelma Golden

115/ I can see a great beauty in acknowledging the fact that the world is dark. _ David Rakoff

116/ The coniferous forests of the Yosemite Park, and of the Sierra in general, surpass all others of their kind in America, or indeed the world, not only in the size and beauty of the trees, but in the number of species assembled together, and the grandeur of the mountains they are growing on. _ John Muir

117/ I like a girl with natural beauty. _ Chandler Parsons

118/ Beauty without grace is the hook without the bait. _ Ralph Waldo Emerson

119/ I also became close to nature, and am now able to appreciate the beauty with which this world is endowed. _ James Dean

120/ We no longer dare to believe in beauty and we make of it a mere appearance in order the more easily to dispose of it. _ Hans Urs von Balthasar

121/ It seems like the chaos of this world is accelerating, but so is the beauty in the consciousness of more and more people. _ Anthony Kiedis

122/ There is something terribly morbid in the modern sympathy with pain. One should sympathise with the colour, the beauty, the joy of life. The less said about life's sores the better. _ Oscar Wilde

123/ Too little is it considered, while we gaze on aristocratic beauty, how much good food, soft lying, warm wrapping, ease of mind, have to do with the attractions which command our admiration. _ Samuel Lover

124/ I would be remiss when talking about beauty secrets to not say that one of the best is to care about the world around you. That's what really matters. _ Christie Brinkley

125/ A mode of conduct, a standard of courage, discipline, fortitude and integrity can do a great deal to make a woman beautiful. _ Jacqueline Bisset

126/ Going to the Academy Awards is something I remember since I was six, when I went with my mom for the first time, 14 with my dad, you know, and there I am, at 22, 23, whatever I was, sitting next to my mom. You know, and then again, there with my dad. Like, there's a beauty to it, and I care deeply about film history. _ Laura Dern

127/ Art is the unceasing effort to compete with the beauty of flowers – and never succeeding. _ Gian Carlo Menotti

128/ Neighborhoods change. In some ways, it's part of the beauty of New York City. It's in a constant state of flux. _ Wylie Dufresne

129/ Loneliness adds beauty to life. It puts a special burn on sunsets and makes night air smell better. _ Henry Rollins

130/ It is art that makes life, makes interest, makes importance… and I know of no substitute whatever for the force and beauty of its process. _ Henry James

131/ Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams. _ Ashley Smith

132/ The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries or the way she combs her hair. _ Audrey Hepburn

133/ Cherish sunsets, wild creatures and wild places. Have a love affair with the wonder and beauty of the earth. _ Stewart Udall

134/ He who seeks truth shall find beauty. He who seeks beauty shall find vanity. He who seeks order shall find gratification. He who seeks gratification shall be disappointed. He who considers himself the servant of his fellow beings shall find the joy of self – expression. He who seeks self – expression shall fall into the pit of arrogance. _ Moshe Safdie

135/ I decided that if I could paint that flower in a huge scale, you could not ignore its beauty. _ Georgia O'Keeffe

136/ Really, at the end of the day, the only thing you can control is yourself; the only person you can truly educate is yourself. You have to redefine what beauty is to you so you can't be affected by what people are saying. _ Rupi Kaur

137/ Being nerdy just means being passionate about something, including everyone – the coolest people on Earth are passionate and therefore nerdy about something whatever it is, whether it's sports, or gaming, or technology, or fashion, or beauty, or food, or whatever. _ Zachary Levi

138/ Natural beauty takes at least two hours in front of a mirror. _ Pamela Anderson

139/ I've developed into quite a swan. I'm one of those people that will probably look better and better as I get older until I drop dead of beauty. _ Rufus Wainwright

140/ For every moment of triumph, for every instance of beauty, many souls must be trampled. _ Hunter S. Thompson

141/ Beauty in distress is much the most affecting beauty. _ Edmund Burke

142/ The significance of the cherry blossom tree in Japanese culture goes back hundreds of years. In their country, the cherry blossom represents the fragility and the beauty of life. It's a reminder that life is almost overwhelmingly beautiful but that it is also tragically short. _ Homaro Cantu

143/ If in my youth I had realized that the sustaining splendour of beauty of with which I was in love would one day flood back into my heart, there to ignite a flame that would torture me without end, how gladly would I have put out the light in my eyes. _ Michelangelo

144/ We tell them that we believe it will be beautiful because that is our specialty, we only create joy and beauty. We have never done a sad work. Through the drawings, we hope a majority will be able to visualize it. _ Christo

145/ Fashion fosters cliches of beauty, but I want to tear them apart. _ Miuccia Prada

146/ When I was a seminarian, I was dazzled by a girl I met at an uncle's wedding. I was surprised by her beauty, her intellectual brilliance… and, well, I was bowled over for quite a while. _ Pope Francis

147/ I think it's evident that expensive neighborhoods in Seattle are surrounded by natural beauty. That elevates city life. So if we can make cities more attractive in the long run, we can be smarter about issues like development, zoning and economics. _ Stone Gossard

148/ There's something about the Pacific Northwest, the scale of it, and the fact that not so long ago people came here and died getting here, and then died the first winter they were here. There's this breathtaking beauty, just a little bit of moss on the tree, just this little thread of danger, and the sinister. And I really like that. _ Chelsea Cain

149/ I think beauty is not just about what we put on our heads or on our faces or what we wear: it's deeper than that, and if we can celebrate that, celebrate the women, not just the superficiality… I think it would be really gorgeous. _ Alek Wek

150/ The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives. _ Albert Einstein

151/ I think confidence is a true form of beauty. _ Becky G

152/ Nonfiction speaks to the head. Fiction speaks to the heart. Poetry speaks to the soul. It's the essence of beauty. The essence of pain. It pleases the eye and the ear. _ Ellen Hopkins

153/ To look almost pretty is an acquisition of higher delight to a girl who has been looking plain for the first fifteen years of her life than a beauty from her cradle can ever receive. _ Jane Austen

154/ So, we just kind of created our own thing and that's part of the beauty of Athens: is that it's so off the map and there's no way you could ever be the East Village or an L.A. scene or a San Francisco scene, that it just became its own thing. _ Michael Stipe

155/ Blues and soul and jazz music has so much pain, so much beauty of raw emotion and passion. _ Christina Aguilera

156/ What you want to worship above youth, I think, is beauty, and beauty is so beyond just appearances after a while. Because you can be with someone who's good – looking; if they open their mouths and they're an idiot, then they cease to be beautiful very quickly. _ Patton Oswalt

157/ The most irresistible charm of youth is its bubbling enthusiasm. Youth sees no darkness ahead – no defile that has no outlet – it forgets that there is such a thing as failure in the world and believes that mankind has been waiting all these centuries for him to come and be the liberator of truth and energy and beauty. _ Orison Swett Marden

158/ In every man's heart there is a secret nerve that answers to the vibrations of beauty. _ Christopher Morley

159/ Beauty connotes humanity. We call a natural object beautiful because we see that its form expresses fitness, the perfect fulfillment of function. _ Moshe Safdie

160/ When I did 'Frankenstein,' the record company said, 'Now you can do 'Dracula' and 'Wolf Man' and we'll call the whole thing Monster Rock!' and I said, 'No, that's not going to happen, I'm not going to do that.' I kind of enjoy defying categorization. I love music in and of itself. I love the beauty of harmony and rhythm. _ Edgar Winter

161/ It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; its the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time. _ David Allan Coe

162/ We're here to bring beauty to the world and make a difference in this planet. That's what art forms are about. _ Charlie Haden

163/ Beauty surrounds us, but usually we need to be walking in a garden to know it. _ Rumi

164/ I love natural beauty, and I think it's your best look, but I think makeup as an artist is so transformative. _ Marina and the Diamonds

165/ To me, beauty and makeup and color is like the finishing touch on everything. _ Marc Jacobs

166/ My mother is a big believer in being responsible for your own happiness. She always talked about finding joy in small moments and insisted that we stop and take in the beauty of an ordinary day. When I stop the car to make my kids really see a sunset, I hear my mother's voice and smile. _ Jennifer Garner

167/ Beauty is an asset, just like physical prowess, charisma, brains or emotional intelligence. The key with any gift is in the way that you use it. It doesn't define you as a person. Rather, it's an asset to be used judiciously and with an understanding of how it is just a small part of who you are. _ Dale Archer

168/ I like to embrace natural beauty. I try to get at least 8 hours of sleep, drinking a lot of water and exercising. _ Tia Mowry

169/ Beauty is also submitted to the taste of time, so a beautiful woman from the Belle Epoch is not exactly the perfect beauty of today, so beauty is something that changes with time. _ Karl Lagerfeld

170/ I care to live only to entice people to look at Nature's loveliness. Heaven knows that John the Baptist was not more eager to get all his fellow sinners into the Jordan than I to baptize all of mine in the beauty of God's mountains. _ John Muir

171/ We have to nurture our young women and understand the beauty and the strength of being a woman. It's kind of a catch – 22: Strength in women isn't appreciated, and vulnerability in women isn't appreciated. It's like, 'What the hell do you do?' What you do is you don't allow anyone to dictate who you are. _ Jada Pinkett Smith

172/ I've seen the majestic beauty of nature and the overwhelming perfection of it. To me, there's nothing closer to God than that. _ Cote de Pablo

173/ You can only perceive real beauty in a person as they get older. _ Anouk Aimee

174/ The ideal beauty is a fugitive which is never found. _ Joan Rivers

175/ I grew up in a family where we weren't allowed to talk about beauty or to put any emphasis on physical appearance. _ Pam Grier

176/ I do not know which to prefer, The beauty of inflections, Or the beauty of innuendoes, The blackbird whistling, Or just after. _ Wallace Stevens

177/ There's no such thing is aging, but maturing and knowledge. It's beautiful, I call that beauty. _ Celine Dion

178/ I believe love at first sight is possible. Centuries of literature and art and beauty has been dedicated to that idea, so who am I to argue, even if I've never experienced it? _ Maggie Grace

179/ I think that beauty can injure you to death. It can cause an injury that can never be cured. Or it can so traumatise you, your life changes direction. The beauty of the harmony of nature that is forever lost, or a daily rite that you perform, or diving into the sea for a swim. Those experiences are going to mark you. _ Toni Servillo

180/ The writer, the poet, the novelist, are all creators. This does not mean that they invent language; it means that they use language to create beauty, ideas, images. This is why we cannot do without them. _ J. M. G. Le Clezio

181/ The value of beauty and inspiration is very much underrated, no question. But I want to be clear: I'm not trying to be anyone's savior. I'm just trying to think about the future and not be sad. _ Elon Musk

182/ Enhance and intensify one's vision of that synthesis of truth and beauty which is the highest and deepest reality. _ Ovid

183/ In your 20s you can be pretty, but you don't accomplish real beauty until you find wisdom and depth. _ Evangeline Lilly

184/ Learning to love my inner and outer beauty wasn't an easy road. I still don't always love the reflection I see in the mirror, but I have learned that my outer appearance does not define me. _ Katherine Schwarzenegger

185/ Beauty is often worse than wine; intoxicating both the holder and beholder. _ John Zimmerman

186/ Love is the attempt to form a friendship inspired by beauty. _ Marcus Tullius Cicero

187/ I maintain my inner beauty by trying to lead a balanced life in general. I try to eat healthy foods, but… that doesn't mean I won't treat myself now and then! I work out almost every day, which gives me more energy and helps me feel stronger. I also try to be a genuinely good person to the people around me. _ Erica Durance

188/ Much of the stress and emptiness that haunt us can be traced back to our lack of attention to beauty. Internally, the mind becomes coarse and dull if it remains unvisited by images and thoughts that hold the radiance of beauty. _ John O'Donohue

189/ My beauty ethos? Well, I'd love to tell you it's something like 'less is more,' but honestly, it all starts with happiness. If only someone could bottle that up – when I'm happy, I'm at my most radiant and glowing. It does me better than any product ever could. And I stand by how cheesy and cliched that sounds. _ Solange Knowles

190/ When everything else physical and mental seems to diminish, the appreciation of beauty is on the increase. _ Bernard Berenson

191/ The beauty of a strong, lasting commitment is often best understood by men incapable of it. _ Murray Kempton

192/ Now, I'm not saying I'm fashionable, but there are sociological interests that matter to me, things that are theoretical, political, intellectual and also concerned with vanity and beauty that we all think about but that I try to mix up and translate into fashion. _ Miuccia Prada

193/ O, thou art fairer than the evening air clad in the beauty of a thousand stars. _ Christopher Marlowe

194/ The dignity of everyday life – the beauty of it, the attitude of it – is what I live around. And it is never on screen, and it is certainly never associated with Africa. If we see Africa at all, it is always used as a backdrop: a big blob of a continent rather than a specific street or a country or a place. _ Mira Nair

195/ Take care of your inner, spiritual beauty. That will reflect in your face. _ Dolores del Rio

196/ The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express. _ Francis Bacon

197/ My belief is that we were put into this world of wonders and beauty with a special ability to appreciate them, in some cases to have the fun of taking a hand in developing them, and also in being able to help other people instead of overreaching them and, through it all, to enjoy life – that is, to be happy. _ Robert Baden – Powell

198/ Growing up, I just wanted to be like everyone else. I didn't value or understand the beauty in being different at the time in my life. _ Marisol Nichols

199/ Gorgeous hair is the best revenge. _ Ivana Trump

200/ I marketed pens – on the phone. But the beauty of the gig was that you had to call these strangers and say, 'Hi, how ya doing?' You made up a name, like, 'Hey, it's Edward Quartermaine from California. You're eligible to receive this grandfather clock or a trip to Tahiti.' You promise them all these things if they buy a gross of pens. _ Johnny Depp

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